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Read the entire thread before posting. November 14th, 9: They are stuck on and there new releases do not work, Thank you for being who you are. December 17th, 3: October 21st, I am pretty new to Bots and my Kaspersky keeps warning me of malicious content when i try and download the bot.

yaeb 2560

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August 18th, Johnnny, thanks for dropping by our site.

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Chuck August 25th, 7: November 6th, 2: April 24th, 1: February 10th, 8: This is an extremely well written article. February 8th, 2: I have tried redownloading the program but the problem still occurs.

yaeb 2560

January 14th, 4: In other words, keep bugging them, and hopefully? Anyone have a cracked autoevony bot ver 1. Samuel March 6th, 8: I can see how to send res and troops to another person entirely in the same alliance but being able to manage yweb cities within the same yaeb client really needs some spit and polish steve February 13th, 7: July 20th, 2: After I log in it disappears from the screen and i am unable to see the program. SxD October 1st, 25660 was working fine, I have all my code for NPC farming set and it worked well.


yaeb 2560

Had to assign specific guys, tho npcheros April 12th, It will be priceless to anyone who usess it, including myself. February 17th, 2: December 11th, Warr… Very effectively written information i like it typography.

You are not authorised to download this attachment. January 6th, Inanna goes on to say that when they did split up Romulus handed over the current YAEB source code to Straydawg which was version at the time.

yaeb 2560

February 17th, 7: Mine stopped working and says my trial ran out, can someone tell my why its not working anymore.

I am having a problem with my downloaded yeab.

HEY Guys i really need help my yaeb wot farm lvl 5 npcs troop warr: Thanks for the post. Can you please update it? We have also invited Inanna and Romulus to provide EvonyBots with information about their new Evony Bot yab we will publish this for you as soon as we get it.


Shouldnt i be able to put in config npc: March 10th, 7: January 15th,