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With viflow easy plan, you set up tasks directly in the business process , simply and transparently. They save you effort in data management and enhance overview and acceptance. When such pages are accessed, your IP address is transmitted to Google. Learn more about viflow application areas. Because simplicity is always better.


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Some of our pages contain embedded content from YouTube. They are available in simple 3-packs.


With the viflow live demo we establish a connection to your desktop over the internet to help you get started with viflow — safely, directly, and according to your needs. We use cookies to analyse access to our website and to provide the best possible functionality. No matter whether you want to model your processes using the Business Process Model and Notation BPMN scheme, as an event-driven process chain EPCas a Flowchart or in Vifflow layout, with viflow you can present your processes exactly as you wish.


We have a solution that meets your needs and does much more than simply visualising processes. Many internal and external requirements must be taken into account in business activities. Professional visualisation, analysis and optimisation of your business processes Making complex structures ciflow Learn why viflow is so popular.


We develop our products in close cooperation with our customers.

Process-based task management. Simply easy.

Expand the scope of viflow to meet your specific needs. Clear processes for your entire organisation.


The viflow Model viflw the ISO Occupational health and safety. Learn about all the features and functions of Visio, and much more. Continuous enhancement of the software has led to detailed and differentiated process analysis at Vogeley. Our integrated services include viflow development, sales, and advice on technology and methodology.

Software and consulting from the same source: ViCon – the process experts

Some things you can only appreciate from experience. Everywhere in the world, people in a wide variety of professions, sectors and companies work ivflow business processes and process documentation.

ViCon — the process experts ViCon is viflow. That’s why viflow is the most popular process modelling tool.

When such pages are accessed, your IP address is transmitted to Google. Software and consulting from the same source: Support, Maintenance Package, Newsletter. For everything from analysis to workflow management.

On top of that, it is remarkably easy and intuitive to create, administer and adapt processes. Discover all the benefits of viflow for yourself on your own desktop. It is easy to use and very versatile, and the level of detail of process documentation can be matched exactly to specific circumstances.


viflow 6 supports Office – ViCon – die Prozess-Experten

With concurrent licensing of viflow easy plan, you can create an unlimited number of users. No matter whether you want to set up a QM system or model your IT processes, or whether you work in health care or in a bank, viflow is the right software for your processes.

This means you always work with just one file containing all the necessary information.

The integrated fully automatic workflow with reporting and reminder functions gives you a clear overview viflkw all tasks. Over 7, companies worldwide are already working with viflow.

The viflow Applications are valuable tools for effective process management. In viflow, all information including the process graphic is stored in a process model.