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End users can throw just about any file that can be opened with Photoshop at the color separation modules, set up in any fashion, including the ridiculous and UltraSeps will work its magic to process the separation. Just open your vector style artwork with Photoshop and let UltraSeps make easy work of it! Only one of the programs has more than just these basic color-blend capabilities, and it does those correctly to begin with, whereas the others do not even capture it accurately, but its something you could do for free in GIMP if you simply use a few built-in tools. I presumed that was necessary with all separation programs. UltraSeps v2 is not only the finest product of its kind, but is also the most intuitive. How do other sep. LCE and zawblade00 like this.

ultraseps v2

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I will try and download their trial version tonight. Get Everything We Sell Deal!

UltraSeps v2 Separation Software – PShopMagic Photoshop Actions

There is no bright clean yellow in the ink color choices. UltraSeps has the power, flexibility and ease of use to make complex, dramatic t-shirt color separations possible for the new user while offering Photoshop Pros the most advanced application of its kind to speed up the separation ulltraseps. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

ultraseps v2

That is the destruction to your original color blends you are compensating for manually when the program is the one destroying it. Apr 17, End users can throw just about any file that can be opened with Photoshop at the color separation modules, set up in any fashion, including the ridiculous and UltraSeps will work its magic to process the separation.


To the ultrasepps that responded to my PMs.

New Duotone Separation Software By UltraSeps

I ran your color wheel and on the monitor it looked like it lost some saturation in the tertiary colors. It would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that people are so clueless about this evolving science that they can’t even run simple test-drives of the software to see if it even does it right to begin with or not.

I look forward to helping your business succeed by advancing the capabilities of your art department with UltraSeps. Do they use bright clean primary and secondary colors for ink? I’ve only used it to separate photos that have been supplied by customers then adding my ultrqseps vector art around it. Even less when I started using the method to separate, I only knew it worked.

ultraseps v2

So if the ink colors that are used are muted and darker then some of the colors in the color wheel can’t be recreated with the brilliance that c2 see on the rgb monitor anyway. Type Your Message Below: Been using Sep studio for about 5 years. People get good results with all of these plugins.

UltraSeps v2 Separation Software

Updated polls in the forum section. A confirmation email will be sent to this address, so please make sure it is accurate and that your email software is set to allow emails from our domain: IMO simple Seps Raster and Simple Seps Smart rip is all you need, I have helped a few that had accurip and they sold their accurip after getting comfortable with e the Advanced Artist products Separation Studio refuses to release my license number so I am basically stuck with it, I have never been able to get a result I was comfortable giving ultraeps a customer, you stuck using 9 colors of ink, they do provide the pantone numbers now instead of sticking you with buying the inks from Ryonet or IC.


So we must be doing something right.

Feel free to review our Privacy Policy in a new window. I own every single one of them, I will post the results when I get home, its shocking I sell you any of my programs but Simple Seps.

So now, UltraSeps contains 3 completely different simulated process color separation modules!

We will never move forward into printing artwork correctly and non-destructively and without making it an artform itself when it is not, until we understand the science of screenprinting better and apply it u,traseps the job of separation, RIP, screens and print. Studio for a while. Your life just got easier!

But of more importance than a vast number of features is the quality of the end result, ease of use and mind blowing automation built into this program composed of over individual Java applications and Automation Plugins.

Originally Posted by lrsbranding I have used Sep.

Try them all for a different look. That bucket of UltraSeps never runs dry as it can be used for countless jobs, forever, saving and making you money. Although UltraSeps is triggered by Photoshop Actions, most of the Actions are used as a switch which enable external programs. UltraSeps offers everything a screen printer or artist could possibly ask for or need within a color separation program.