toilet dreams

Toilet dreams

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams are a connection of your inner self with the real world, and they are manifestations of your needs. Dreams also symbolize strength and power.

Dreaming about toilets isn’t that common and could be viewed as somewhat weird. Unless you’re a bathroom designer or a plumber, dreaming about toilets can actually be a significant sign. You’ll be happy to know that dreaming about toilets is usually a good sign, although there are different ways of interpreting dreams.

Toilet Dreams

If you find yourself dreaming about toilets, the reason could be either that you crave privacy in daily life or your might be feeling like you’re being watched. The meanings of recurring dreams can sometimes be rather humorous and the dream of poop meaning is one of those that might make you chuckle.

Using a toilet in a dream could mean you’re about to change directions and you may be in for a career or life change. But if you’re having difficulties flushing your toilet, it could mean you’re seeking a new start and need to flush away the old. A blocked toilet is a sign your life is stuck and you need a new path to discover in life.

Flushing Toilet Dreams

Dreaming about flushing toilets symbolizes the need to remove old habits, ideas and beliefs and to wash away the things that have been negatively affecting your life. If you repeatedly dream about flushing the toilet, your subconscious is sending you a strong message that you need to take heed or it could lead to illness and pain.

A dream about toilet flushing is a strong signal to take a very close look at yourself and identify areas that are making you unhappy, then devise a plan to do things differently. The best toilet dreams are often highly detailed and interestingly, many dreamers can often remember the type of toilet, the strength of the flushing mechanism and even the toilet brand.

If you dream about feces the meaning could be interpreted slightly differently than your dream of urine. The former could mean you’re stuck on a solution to your problem while the latter signifies the situation is fluid.

Dirty Toilet Dreams

A dirty toilet usually means there’s something toxic in your life, either in your relationships or in your day to day activities. Usually, dirty toilet dreams are due to unresolved emotional conflicts that you need to address and overcome.

Dreaming about a dirty toilet means you are under duress and if you dream about an entire restroom of toilets, where they are all dirty it could mean that your time is up and you need to make a decision now.

The more toilets you dream about the better because it means it’s time to grow and change and a good result is waiting for you. Cleaning a dirty toilet is not a task most people relish but the result, both in reality and metaphorically, can make a huge difference to your life.

Broken Toilet Dreams

A broken toilet means there’s something missing and when we dream about one, it means that there’s something that is niggling at the back of your mind you have missed. If you’ve been involved in solving a problem, start again and examine the issues from a different angle.

Dreaming about a broken toilet could also mean there’s something in your waking life that is actually broken. It could be a relationship with someone close and if you’re dreaming about broken toilets often, think about the people who are causing stress in your life and avoid them, avoid gossiping and avoid emotional turmoil.

The good news about dreaming about broken toilets is it could also mean you have accepted a situation in your life and are ready to move on. Like fixing a broken toilet in reality, fixing your problems is something you can’t avoid.

Cleaning the Toilet Dreams

Most people hate cleaning the toilet so if you’re dreaming about cleaning, it symbolizes the need to remove and cleanse negativity from your life.
Remove yourself from destructive people and don’t allow yourself the luxury of self-destructive behaviors.

One of the best ways of taking a cue from this dream is to spend the day actually cleaning your house for peace of mind. You’d be surprised and how much stress you’ll let go when you do this.

Dreams about cleaning the toilet also mean you need to get your relationships in order and remove those that are toxic.

Blocked Toilet Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of a blocked toilet? This dream is a signal that there’s something in your life that’s holding you back from achieving success.

You might not even realise you’re stuck in a bad situation or unclear about which way to turn. Take a closer examination of everything that is holding you back and make a plan to tackle one thing at a time. Small steps is the key and take each day as it comes. A clogged toilet is also a sign that you might have bitten off more than you can chew and you might be trying to do far too much. Like unclogging a real toilet, the action you might need to take may not be very nice but the result is worth it.

If you dream you are in a public restroom, it could mean your self-image is at a low point and this is especially so if the toilets are blocked. If there are many toilets that are blocked it could mean you’re really struggling emotionally and unable to cope with handling multiple problems at once.
A clogged toilet also means you have unhealthy relationships in real life and dreaming about pooping means combined with a blocked toilet means you feel stuck.

Final Thoughts about toilet dreams

Toilet dreams are one of the weirder kinds of dreams to have and can be somewhat confusing. They usually symbolize bad relationships, blocked emotions and stressful situations.

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