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Now we need to register the FilterGraphSpy. The arcsoft filter seems to be subject to a similiar bug as ffdshow when dealing with dtshd-ma with the current haali and all but the latest builds of mkvmerge. I would assume that they aren’t exposed to any 3rd party applications for a reason just like PowerDVD9 is hiding the H codec. This was something I was going to try tonight. If you don’t do that, then you have to set it manually every time you open MPC-HC, and that was the main reason we didn’t use the Arcsoft decoder for DTS-HD MA for a long time, even though it worked technically, before someone figured that out.

tmt3 codec

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Arcsoft TMT 3 Codec doesn’t show up in MP

As the codecs are not registered and not intended to be registered you can only play these formats using the external TMT player?? What do you think about Media Player Codec Pack? Yes, Microsoft is evil: I understand some people will still disagree after my explanation but I guess to each their own.

tmt3 codec

I would assume that they aren’t exposed to any 3rd party applications for a reason just ttm3 PowerDVD9 is hiding the H codec. July 26, Messages: I assume that the 32 bit version of windows is preferable to 64 bit for a htpc. Hi Damian, I actually got it figured out.


Open up your favorite Notepad application and create a bat file to register ASVid. So I take it it works with TMT3 audio codec.

tmt3 codec

Of course if you are looking to play a BluRay folder rip you will need a 3rd party player as the internal WMC player cannot handle. It’s dirty – but it should work. Suggestions are always welcome.

TMT3 does not register any DirectShow Codecs – ArcSoft Forums – Page 1

How to save default ArcSoft Audio Decoder HD settings This is far from a perfect solution, there only seem to be 2 settings, neither of which is the bit depth, but you can change the default speaker configuration and dynamic range. The purpose of the package is just to enable ArcSoft decoding in eac3to. Well, rmt3 because the Competition also does this.

I too had bought Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. Should I have any concerns? They never implemented anything but those two in the original post.

All in all, I wish there was one comprehensive interface that did movies, music, home videos, netflix, photos very well. If that is the case then Cyberlink certainly has a competative advantage over Arcsoft, as they do register the codecs via the installation and any exoctic video file format becomes playable direclty from within Media Center without having to launch the external player.


I used to decode with ffdshow but since it only decodes the core I decoded to try this out their definitely is a difference in the core and the DTS-MA.

ArcSoft Codec Unlocker & How To Save Audio Decoder HD Settings [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

Interesting, that would definitely explain why it worked for me since I already had TMT installed. Damian, Many thanks for your advice.

I will report my results with an i3 tomorrow. That’s why you need the arcsoft decoder.

Wow, it’s so easy, even a caveman can do it. When I have the xml configured for msvidiodec i get all but VC1 playing perfectly. May 6, 3.

Cldec should know that the activation runtime is more complex than a single checkactivate. I assume these are disc rips i. Hey Battles, Hope all is well for you. Thanks for the reply, Bob. Simply place the below files in a folder of your choice and register ASVid.