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The declarer has the right to use the two skat cards to make a better hand, and to choose the trump suit. Spiele-Zone Here you can play free and without registration against many real-life players around the world. This continues until either F or M drops out of the auction by passing – once having passed you get no further opportunity to bid on that hand. The value of the game, in game points , depends on the trumps chosen, the location of the top trumps matadors and whether the declarer used the skat. One of the opponents says Kontra, and in the play I win 85 card points.

skat 2095

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That is, you just play Ramsch on every hand. The scoring is modified somewhat to reduce the difference in value ksat the different contracts. If you fail in either, you lose.

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Description Skat is a simulation of the card game skat and the successor of Skat Before the rule change of 1st JanNull Hand cost only 35 when lost and Null Ouvert Hand cost only 59 – see scoring variations. At the end of the session, ekat following additional scores are calculated:.

As with all contracts, an unsuccessful declarer loses twice the value of the game. M plays clubs hand and takes 74 card points including the skat cardsbut unfortunately the skat contains J, Q. If the declarer’s opponents take 30 points or fewer in tricks, zkat are Schneider.

If you are declarer in a Suit Hand or Grand Hand game, you can increase the value of the game by announcing Schneider undertaking to win at least 90 card pointsor Schwarz undertaking to win all the tricksor Open Ouvert undertaking to win all the tricks with your cards exposed.


All you need to participate is sakt least sufficient knowledge of the rules to have played already, however badly or rustily as the case may be.

Note that Schwarz depends on tricks not points – if a sakt wins just one trick and it has no card points in it, that is sufficient to get them out of Schwarz. The player to the dealer’s skag is called forehand Fthe player to forehand’s left is middlehand Mand the player to middlehand’s left is rearhand R. I am only with one matador, but am hoping to make the opponents schneider.

Skat introduced by David Parlett

These rather eccentric looking numbers are chosen to fit between the other contract values, each being slightly below a multiple of The Null values are:. Any declarer who loses a contract or a Ramsch pays to the pot as well as to the other players.

Having discarded, you declare your game.

skat 2095

Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0. The amount subtracted from the declarer’s score is twice the least multiple of the base value of the game actually played which would have fulfilled the bid. The players need to agree in advance on the following rules:. If declarer wins the game and the value of the game is as least as much as the bid, then the value of the game is added to the declarer’s cumulative score.

The thinking behind this variation is that a player with a good hand should bid – they should not be allowed to pass and lie in wait, ready to Kontra another player. A trick is won by the highest card of the suit led, unless it contains a trump, in which case the highest trump wins it.


The main description on this page is based on the current version of the official German and International rules which were revised on 1st January The base value depends on the trump suit as follows:.

Skat was originally played with German suited cards, and these are still in general use in South and East Germany, including Altenburg. There are some tricky ethical problems about this variation for which as far as I know there are no standard answersfor example:.

The rank and value of the cards is the same as in Grand, but the object is to avoid taking card points. The highest bidder becomes the soloist and chooses the trump suit if any.

skat 2095

Some cards have point values, and the total number of card points in the pack skag At the end of a session to be fair, each player should have dealt an equal number of timesthe players settle up according to the differences between their scores. The first part of the auction takes place between F and M.

Game Classification

The possible bids are therefore 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27, 30, 33, 35, 36, 40, 44, 45, 46, 48, 50, 54, 55, 59, 60, etc. In there was a commercial special edition distributed which features only the official rules.

AB and C are playing for 5 Pfennig a point.