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The more I struggled, the more the Muse eluded me. But, to this day, the onset of the monsoon takes me back to our first album. And as I fumbled for a tune, any tune, the two lobes of grey matter in my head rattled and made clanging sounds. But the moment she opened her mouth, a kaleidoscope of musical colours and patterns were unleashed into the air. Shubha came to the studio the next morning. Are you sure to delete your private version?

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Ab Ke Sawan

Shubha Mudgal had sung the songs. She heard me out. Pradeep had looked crestfallen.

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Instrumental, Instrumental – Ab Ke Sawan Aise Barse – Listen on Deezer

Her voice was so deep, it rumbled like thunder. In the years that followed, we have worked together on many projects. After two days, Shubha would leave for Kolkata where she had a programme. And its tonal quality was perfection itself. Ab ke sawan aise barse. How could Ab ke Sawan be Ab ke Sawan otherwise?


When her turn came, Pradeep asked her to raise her hands to the sky as though waiting to catch the first falling drops.

Then, suddenly, a rich, impassioned voice leapt into my ears from the stereo of the other car. This was a monsoon album requiring all the sequences to be shot in the rain. Shubha mudgal ab ke sawan aise barse ke Sawan was made.

And as I fumbled for a tune, any tune, the two lobes of grey matter in my head rattled and made clanging sounds. To continue editing please select your version. Please login or create account to unlock these features. Aaise simply love it. Everyone in the studio stood like statues, mesmerized by her singing. To hell with the song, I said shibha myself one evening and walked out of the house. Are you sure to delete your private version?

Ab ke Sawan went on kke become a huge hit. Chords for any song Toggle navigation. But where would I go? But Shubha smiled sweetly at him. There was a hushed silence. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm sometimes makes some mistakes. The public one will be reloaded. The driving rain of Ab ke Sawan sweeps over my mind and spirit and shubhaa it with nostalgia.


You are notifying to Yalp’s team this transcription has a lot of wrong chords.

But my head was empty. At one stage, five songs had been composed and only one was left. But, like a sinking man, I clung to my battered boat and waited for her reply. What was hard rock in comparison with that volcanic performance?