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Glad to hear you are still here with CorelDraw! Up 0 Down Reply Cancel. SecuriDesign uses harmonic functions to modulate the offset and thus easily generates base curves for various design elements such as rosettes shown in the logo above. Click the button to swap properties of the envelope curves. The Closed Path Origin serves this purpose. The macro will be launched.


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Not Answered over 4 years ago. This option is only available for envelopes created with Contour Generator which stores special information along with the contour curves that allows to recreate the contours each time a pattern is created to produce better mathematical fit for the patterns within the envelopes.

FunctionFrequencyAmplitudeand Phase These sechridesign specify how the irregular patterns are created.

Pattern Generator allows to generate complex designs in one step. Amplitude determines the amount of irregularity to add to the pattern.

SecuriDesign for CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER

The same pattern design shown in the very first dialog screenshot on this page but this time with non-uniform pattern distribution: Also, when a closed curve is rotated, its starting point moves as well making the two envelopes to start at different places.

Hi Folks, I recently upgraded to X8 and was hoping to find the Securidesign macro securiddesign, any chance there is still a place to get a download?



Uniform Distribution and Use The Following Settings When the pattern is created, each envelope curve is sampled uniformly along its whole length. However if the sampling points are placed on the base control curve first and then reflected to the envelopes using the same methods that were used when creating the contour curves, the resulting distribution of sampling points along the envelope curves will be non-uniform but the pattern generated now has the expected effect:.

The beginning of a securiresign is assumed to be at the first curve node. Answered 1 month ago. If the preview shows the pattern messed up like in the following illustration, this means that the two envelope curves follow opposite directions.

SecuriDesign contains three basic modules: Not Answered 7 days ago. To continue, choose one of the following topics: The first securidesugn in the preview window envelope becomes the second one red and vice versa. Not Answered 1 month ago.


And hopefully now you won’t have to wait for a long time for updates. Click here to sign up or go to the following page for more information about the affiliate network. You will see the two macros in the “Macro Name: The first envelope is outlined with blue in the preview window, the second is drawn in red; and each section of the dialog is keyed with the same color.


You can see that the first blue envelope starts at the right side while the second one starts at the left side according to the markers. Follow this securidesig for additional installation instructions.

SecuriDesign Pattern Generator

The Oberon website has disappeared and I cant find any other links. Any help or info would be appreciated. Let’s take a base curve like this and build two parallel curves using Contour Generator:.

In the above example, the offset of 30 degrees corresponds to about 8. Not Answered 4 days ago. Reverse Direction The direction of a curve is determined by the way it was created. The small colored dots on each envelope curve mark the curve beginning.

SecuriDesign for CorelDRAW 11 1.1 Download

You need to have two curve shapes which are used as envelopes for the pattern. The installer now detects the compatible versions available and installs the macros in all of them unless you manually disable some of them. The direction of a curve is determined by the way it was created. securidesigb

Run the setup program and it will install all the files for you automatically.