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Character of Lv or more can enter the temple of magic. Given that the circle that appears on the ground from targeting Medusa in underground is much bigger than Medusa is, this could mean that they made it the correct size. I think that the temple of Maasei is just a translation error and it probably means the temple of magic dungeon. This probably means that it is an instance dungeon, and is a very strong one too, The temple of the Maasei is the Island of Central Lakes after the quest to complete the entrance to the island of the NPC you can enter through. The temple of Maaisei consists of dungeons for each stage. We were apparently too lacking in p2w elements, but don’t worry, more is soon on the way

rappelz kts

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Pretty self-explanatory, but maybe it means we get a whole dungeon in an instance to prevent a lot of the pking for spots that we’ve wanted! Given that the circle that appears on the ground from targeting Medusa in underground is much bigger than Medusa is, this could mean that they made it the correct size.

New questline to be able to get into the dungeon. Back to 1 shot wonders again woohoo! A necklace is divided into two parts The necklace, which contains its stats, awakening and etherage The Stone, which contains the lakes. Don’t read the following. Furthers the idea of the full dungeon in an instance, however looks like we get 2 rest rooms to heal up if needed. Forums Rappelz General Discussion.


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Originally posted by Mochatroid View Post. So there are some minor translation things between the different versions, but the post is easy enough to understand. And one where you can put what you want New lak system? Just like you should read duration instead of etherage, and necklace instead of collar.


Mystique, but we’ll do it! Stage 5 will be a midsummer and ten will be a boss monster. Basically the way I’m imagining it is that it’s a complete dungeon, such as Temple of the Ancients, there are different rooms with mobs that respawn, so you can just keep farming that one room if you’re not strong enough to move on kind of thing, then there are rooms with special circumstances, which are rooms five, six and ten.

The number of belt slots goes from 6 to 8! Now you can equip the stone directly, which makes it possible to change necklace without removing the stone to put elsewhere! Good, good, we desperately needed stronger characters and wider rapplz between them.

It will not be possible to put anything other than a boss card on slot 7!

I do rapelz speak Korean, as such this will be a translation using Google Translate, and I will try to make sense of what is said. New dungeon “Temple of Magical Mysteries” is added. It is also linked to in the Popular and Useful Topics sticky.

rappelz kts

This was later on reduced to the familiar 1 BC max. It will be possible to put what you want on slot 8, boss card or pet card, whatever you want.


rappelz kts

Hope this means instanced like circus and Underground Please use the current topic for all KTS related posts. All KTS related topics get merged into this one. I don’t want to hijack, and no one replies here anymore.

Hawk, Baell and Nazgul: More belt slots would allow for more flexible builds and would help classes like whuna that need to boost both m. Hitsu You’re very kkts.

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Since there was nobody adding the updates from the KTS Server, I will post them here and try to make sense of them. As far as I can tell with the dungeon, there are three stages, and within each stage there are ten rooms, within those ten rooms, room five has a middle boss and room ten has a final boss. I don’t think it’s in channels as none of their recent stuff has been, and the patch notes use “instance” so I’m sure they mean regular instances, but you never know.

White Day Event Starts This is the start of an rapelz on the test server, self-explanatory. The rap;elz I can do is to offer understanding of these patch notes, I do not have an account on the KTS unfortunately so attempting to make sense of the updates is the best I can do, that is why I ask for suggestions!