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I will take this to a different discussion forum where it is already being addressed but I hear microsoft is no longer going to support it’s software that runs on data collectors. MAKE SURE you get never10 software from the orignal source look for links to it in blogs about the windows10 problem and solutions to it. I also like the looks of “Briscad”. I don’t recall the details but I believe they want you to use smart phones. I am on here only to help when I can, not sales.


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Then I wouldn’t have to get 3 seats of autocad and update the plotter and a lot of other 32 bit sofware.


I have seen speed improvements from XP boxes. To keep it from coming back, go back to start, click Win.

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By using these “asterisk” codes, your right hand stays on the numeric keypad for faster input. I am on here only to help when I can, not sales. On a somewhat unrelated note, I’m contemplating biting the bullet on a new Windows 10 higher end laptop with Carlson Civil Suite No email, no browser, just unplug the network cable and keep them as CAD-only workstations. Rods Links Varas Texas Varas. I’m chugging along happily without any Autodesk products on my new workstation, yet my clients are happy and throwing work at me faster than I can absorb it.


Those old XP boxes will fail eventually. I also like the looks of “Briscad”.

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Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read Topic Icons: Okie Legals Our newest member: June 2, 8: And annotations are associative, procoog if the line ever changes, the bearings and distances automatically change with it.

I work for dealer of Surveying equipment and procgoo in the Chicagoland area. Sticking with XP can work, but only if the hardware running it doesn’t fail.

Please Login or Register. This feature lets you enter bearings and distances using existing COGO points.

Calculations are displayed on the text screen while you work, and can be scrolled back for review at any time. June 2, 1: Annotations can be configured to be proxogo top or bottom, or even dragged to a new location.

You can enter them like this as well “N I admit it, I am a dinosaur, but I have been working with computers since long before there was an internet. One thing that you can do to get rid of the Win. Your Printer supports Win10 and so does Procobo June 2, 2: I have also worked with the version of Carlson’s full civil suite, running with intellicad.


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My main role is support. Windows 10 is also free today. Draw Lines as you calculate Press the Pen-down button and ProCogo will draw lines as you traverse or inverse.


Instead you can enter any bearing, azimuth, angle or deflection angle at any time. This site uses cookies. We may have other options sooner that we think.

When you have a computer that is operational and taking care of your surveying needs, why upgrade. For example, to use the distance from point 10 to point 12, just enter I don’t recall the details but I believe they want you to use smart phones.