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Koto kokoil poth hareye Kontho themey jay obolilay. It is a good post. Boshonto Mash Valobashai Vorpur Tumi r ami ghurbo shara dupur. We celebrate the first day of Falgun to welcome Boshonto, the season of flowers and all the vibrant colours. And our Candadian co-workers highly appreciated this festive mood.

pohela falgun bangla sms

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Faguner prothom shokale, ;ohela kache pathalam chithi, she chithi hariye jabe kina acholer achomka batashe, tobu o proti fagune pathabo chithi, akasher khola khame… Shobaike falguner onek shuveccha.

All shuvo noboborsho sms and pohela boishakh sms are collected from different sources and book.

pohela falgun bangla sms

It is not known exactly when they became Boiskakh, Jaishthya etc. Bosonter fulel sourove mukhorito prethebir oper mohima dola dik lok-mon-o-monone.

pohela falgun bangla sms

And our Candadian co-workers highly appreciated this festive mood. Spring s,s Boshonto consists of two months Falgun and Choitra. Pahela Falgun and Pahela Boisak these r our Bengali culture and its widely celebrated with great enthusiasm- and people of all ages enjoy it equally; infact if people who are in love wish to wait to declare their Love this should be the right occassion.

February 19, at I always wonder how could that be mitigated much earlier. If things are in the rocks, you find out one way or another. The names of the months were not like the present form at that time.


I was lucky enough to be in Dhaka for Pohela Falgun this year. bxngla

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Megh ke duth baneya je chithe pathale ojanar thekanai. These days were and are a way to protest fundamentalism, a way to defy racist bans and to protect our national pride and flagun.

It is a good post. Not only Bangladesh Over the world different types of country people get pleasure from this festival. We should tell people in our lifes, every day, how we feel about them. I used to celebrate Pohela Falgun back home wearing orange sarees and going to all the festivities around campus.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Nice SMS collection here. I think it is really nice to have a special day dedicated to express our feelings for our loved ones. Dinner at a very interesting Asian place, then Turkish film at the BArbican.

The celebration usually banglaa at around 7am in the morning. At that time nowroz or the first day of the Bengali year was celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Pohela Falgun Bangla SMS – Helpful Bangla

This blog only for SMS Lover. There was an air of festivity all around wherever you looked in varying forms. We banla like to know how did you celebrate these two occasions? Utterly and simply unforgettably beautiful!


Shuvo Boshonto Bangla sms | Unique bangla message Pohela Falgun ~ A Garbage of Cute Sms

It was incredibly heartwarming to see women, girls of all ages dressed in bashonti coloured saris all around the city. Hope all of you get to show your love to everyone who is special in your life, whether it is everyday or only one day every year. But in reality, does that really happen? Shuvo boshonto all of our visitor. There are times I have got SOS calls from freinds who aparently having a good life. Jatiya Boshonto Bangoa Udjapan Parishad arranges the main celebration pohelx of the day for over a decade.

Truly, Pahela Falgun brings colour and hope in the minds of people irrespective of age and life and living.

Boshonto Mash Valobashai Vorpur Tumi r ami ghurbo shara dupur. Amar apon hara pran.