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Ketu – Two legs. Thus you find that observing the order of Horas the fourth represents the next week day. Exalted in Kataka highest point 5 degrees. During Rahu Dasha he experienced both good and bad. To say this I have some basic principIes-Chaturamsha. Aridra, Swati, Shathabisha, Moola are butchers.

new techniques of prediction by hr seshadri iyer

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New Techniques of Prediction (Volumes One and Two)

Will have several attainments and protector of others. The reason for adding is that the first Yoga commences with the seshadrri Pushyami located at in the Zodiac. Travels are read out from various houses viz. For example, if Budha as lord of 5th Bhava be in any of the stars of Akasha Tatwa his be-getting the issues is as distant as the Earth is from Akasha. But you may not worry with all that as the difference will be only in seconds predicttion does not affect the lagna point perceptibly as also with all those corrections you may not, for several reasons stated already, arrive at correct lagna point which has to be finally settled by other methods that I narrate Later in my chapter on Division Charts.

Moon- Aesthetical sciences, music tdchniques textual works. It is the same as Birtfi yogi. Guru is set, Shani is set. Stand is gift of he-buffqloe.


Full text of “New Techniques Of Predictions Sehadri Iyer H. R. Vol 1”

The above stars are none but those that end with a sign or commence’with a sign. Lastly my thanks to Prof. I therefore restate others opinion as that seems to sehadri more fitting. Shand Gift of gold. Tb work out Dasha Yogi of Rahu and Ketu: H R Seshadri Iyer.

Thus Lagna is Mithuna. In fact these anomalies arise in all yogas caused by reckoning predictiln Sun or Moon. Sun rules over place of worship and temple; Moon bathrooms, tanks, wells and other watery surfaces-Kuja fireplace, kitchen machines and armouries-Budha playgrounds-Guru treasury and places where money and jewels are deposited-Shukra Bedroom and Drawing Room Shani techniues and medicine-Rahu and Ketu where serpehte and reptiles hide themselves.

This being Vedanga all cannot hope to be all successful at all times. So his Rahu Dasha was Yogaic. Z3Shukra, of 12 Dustana is debilitated.

New techniques of prediction.

O4 Some special features of Ascendants: No Bhavas exist rechniques Mesha and Thula. From Mesha onwards in threes they are Dwara EntranceBahya outside and Garbha inside rasis respectively. Your request to send this item has been completed. Similarly his character soft or ferocious must be determined. The author suggests to consider the above yogas from Moon also like Lagna. Shukra, lord of 4, being in Moon Star Lord of 6 aspected by Kuja should techmiques caused illness to mother.


new techniques of prediction by hr seshadri iyer

NTP -1 13 Further, every year is spread around six degrees of the Rasi in order. For 57 Ghatis the birth Dasha of Ketu is 7 years.

new techniques of prediction by hr seshadri iyer

Budha is a flying planet. Sun-rise Note the Sunrise of the place on the day of Birth in I. If the lords of these two combine together and are situated in a happy position he will have status, happiness and wealth.

H.R. Seshadri Iyer – New Techniques of Prediction (Vol 2) – Free Download PDF

O9 Positive Planet crossing a Yogi who is the former’s enenry-Botlt inimical and Yoga effects happen. From Lahiri’s Hhr you can find some-more details on observance of timings. You get in terms of minutes.