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No, but a skin may be applied through the use of either the tool myZoom or NOZ search on this blog You may find some skins in these threads emuforum. If someone recommends overclocking I suggest you ignore them. On most systems games only just run full speed so there is no built-in frame limiting. Changing settings makes me feel tech. I’ve tried Phoenix Wright also and I’ve got the same result. Plus its annoying that I cant resize the screen usually.

nds2xgl2 2.6a

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First make sure that the correct savetype for the game is set and that you have since reset or reloaded your game. It would be best to read this thread. Here are the links: G ud liat d faqs kekna ga nemuin,mgkn g ga liat,klo agan bs tnjukkin aj d faqs yang mana yg bs solve problem eke yak haha ty….

Set to 15bpp in the nds2gl2 menu: Very nice work on the plugin so far and thanks for all the hard work. Rom image crashed om…There is no gamepak inserted…Gmana bang Setya?

How can I play that?


nds2xgl2 on a | Next Generation Emulation Forum

The game freezes after the first battle with Starly. Your only options are to either try and play nds2xgll2 game on another emulator or play the game on this rather nifty device Nintendo came up with which just so happens to play all DS games perfectly called the Nintedo DualScreen or Nintendo DS for short.

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Guys I have a problem with NO$GBA 2.6a.

Still, this will not be quite a problem since there are already many third party applications that can change the screen of your NoGBA. The emulator is ndz2xgl2 console and the ROM is the game.

nds2xgl2 2.6a

However, there are already some utilities that can enable you to perform such action. Unfortunately the cause for this crash is not known. How to increase it? Or is it forthly? If that’s still a no, it’s still going to be great If I set my desktop to x and turn my LCD on its side it’s almost as good as a full-screen mode: Thirdly, I’m seconding the break between screens.


A game may also crash if you change settings around too often midplay. The Official Xpadder Homepage. Can you use this FAQ somewhere else? You didn’t do all the stuff from the tutorial Nfs2xgl2 you didn’t use all the stuff that are in description OR you didn’t enable EX5 and EX0 and enabled the cheat code.

nds2xgl2 2.6a

Links Available Now 2.6a 2 Rom: How do I get the latest version? To be short, there is, however it is not very efficient or pretty. D whats pokemon bloody platinum? FrameSkip 1 30 fps you can use more to get little extra speed Textures: Is there any way to make the screen larger?

nds2xgl2 2.6a

Or just ask the program creator: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: How do I use Pictochat?