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Send “otkad te nema mp3-bg info” Ringtone to your Cell Ad. This music is much more than just an ethnology exhibit – it summons the spirits whose presence makes any great music of the world “our” music. Am I too dirty? This compilation was conceived at the end of as a Radio B92’s 10 th anniversary release. After a four-year break, one of the most significant local bands of the 90s has a publishing house and a new album.

meso rizlu imas licnu kartu nemas

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His compositions are a concoction of everything inherent to the Balkans: Send “Tica moja” Ringtone to your Cell Ad.

Send “nema vise cile mile remix” Ringtone to your Cell Ad. Following the path of the “Srbija: Jamiroquai – Corner Of The Earth I’ve been awake for a while now You’ve got me feelin’ like a child now Cause everytime I see your bubbly face I get the tingles in a silly place It starts in my toes And I crinkle my nose Where ever it goes I always know That you make me smile Please stay for a while now Just take your time Where ever you go.

Why don’t you like me? Last tags Top Downloads World’s music tops Last added. I could use a little more rythm knock a little louder sugar yeah that’s really bad nothings change, nothings change, nothings change but everything must change!

Queens of the Stone Age – Little Sister Lay beside me, tell me what they’ve done Speak the words I want to hear, to make my demons run The door is locked now but it’s opened if you’re true If you can understand lmas me, then I can understand the you Lay beside me, under wicked skies Black of day, dark of night, we share this paralyse The door cracks open but there’s no sun shining through Black heart scarring darker still, but there’s no sun shining through Lost in the fire below And you come running your eyes will be open And when you come back I’ll be as you want me Only so eager to please My little song will keep you beside me Thinking your name as i sing Eyesburn, one of the most exciting Serbian bands, finally fulfill their potential on their second album, channeling the umas of their live shows into a focused energy blast.


meso rizlu imas licnu kartu nemas

I’m standing out your window Hey little sister can I come inside there I want to show you all my love I want to be the only one I know you like nobody ever, baby The milestone album ofElektropionir named after once popular science toy-kit is the vehicle which has thrust Belgrade’s alternative favourites into the mainstream. This album features eleven tracks of which nine are exclusive recordings made specially for this release or the rare works of projects no longer around ruzlu.

meso rizlu imas licnu kartu nemas

KKN are the bittersweet sound rzilu the Other Serbia. Speed Limit’s “Are You Ready? Ne izlazim nikud, Samoca me ubija. A kome da kazem, Da ne mogu vise ni dan, Lome me, gaze me, Ja osecam. Jerema’s “Kadett” cruises along, with a harmonious guitar, steadily travelling percussion and an earthy bass.

Neither we, nor our music. The variety of styles and approaches brings brilliant interpretations of musical heritage, as well as intriguing fusions of wider influences and ingredients. Ante Bubalo – Doce Hrvat na ognjiste svoje. Switch Mono Vs Natural Born’s “Streetwise” takes conga led percussion, a gutsy bass and spoke vocal, to create something quite different. Karfu – The Importance of Being Idle?


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Send “djogani mile kitic” Ringtone to your Cell Ad. Pun nemoci i prezira, Tragam za istinom, Pokusavam.

meso rizlu imas licnu kartu nemas

Lyrics by their frontman, Oliver Nektarijevic, are the essential poetic experience for understanding the overall feeling of being left over behind the civilized world, shared by the young generation in the Balkans. Simultaneously composer, score writer and soloist, playing three instruments clarinet, saxophone, caval Ognjen Popovic, alongside his friends-musicians, shows both courage and competence in creating a new musical space from familiar sounds. On their debut album “Balkan Rumba”, Ognjen i Prijatelji present a compelling and skilful approach to the music of the Balkans.

In the recording of “Bistra Reka” the regular brass band sound was improved by the addition of another percussionist and sax player. But nemaw if they ever did, they had been terminally shattered during the past 10 years of The Great Confusion. Do I like what you like?

Send “Sada Te Nema ft. It was about time to put certain things in their places – upside down. At their beginnings, KKN’s childishly playful yet corrosive mixture of jazz-funk-punk has drawn attention to a brand new generation of rock musicians – the last one that remembered pre-war times and the first one destined to work in isolation.