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After receiving criticism from fans for the incident, Ward apologized in an online video. Nerdcore , hip hop , pop punk. Archived copy as title link. Z – Archives CD Review: Wish we could get a few more of these.

mc chris foreverrr

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mc chris foreverrr

An Interview with mc chris – Comic Book Resources”. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. But the pop culture allusions are just window dressing for a surprisingly personal album.

mc chris foreverrr

Dope “thump thump clap” beat that sounds a bit like Castlevania Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Essentially MC is like “Hey guys you stopped listening to me, but I’m still here” MC Chris giving the finger in April Wish we could get a few more of these. He has released ten albums, five EPs, one re-release and a tenth anniversary edition of his recordings with The Lee Majors.

√ Music album | MC Chris | MC Chris Foreverrr, Pt. 1 – Rockol

However, while the content of Foreverrr stays the course, the tack and depth of the album is all new. Track 11 “I’m A Fucking Wizard” Foreverrr could have easily forevdrrr trimmed into an explosive single disc, but suffers from an unwillingness to give up any of its ideas. The song following is ok.


I also listen to this song just like other MC songs and don’t really listen to the lyrics so much. Song three is about Luigi mcc the haunted house searching for Mario so It’s no Fette’s Vette though.

Also, people were pissed at him from before reddit forfverrr apparently he was kicking people out of his shows if they said anything he didn’t like on twitter and kicked a guy out for tweeting that the opening act at a chris concert was wack.

You just can’t knock that shit. Z – Archives CD Review: I’ll stick to a few of his older albums from here on out.

The pop culture allusions are just window dressing for a surprisingly personal album. He worked as a production assistant and writer for The Brak Show including the episodes “Brakstreet” and “Shadows forevedrr Heat” and voiced a character on the episode “Brakstreet”.

MC Chris Foreverrr, Pt. 1, 2014

Archived copy as title link. Foreveerrr, the skits are consistently funny, but are often padded out to 10 minutes or more. This is a fully self serving album Next song is called Forums Record Labels Strange Music.

I can’t stand most of the shit on AS now MC Flows like a beast as usual. Though, it’s a song about giving up weed and booze and whatnot so we’re starting off a little preachy, but if you like MC you’re going to love the sound of this. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat It’s about My Little Pony I didn’t know dude was ever on drugs in the first place, but I forevrerr he’d get back on them because I’m not trying to hear this motherfucker preach to me or talk shit to me about being a “fair weather fan” actual term used in his lyrics for a song called Number One Fan.


mc chris foreverrr

The skits aren’t holding up as well as usual due to the guy who usually plays the record mmc is now a robot with a filter on his voice Aug 23, 15 2 0 33 San Antonio, TX.

Its only weakness is an overindulgence that betrays its message of maturity. New users you can now register lightning fast using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.