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Here’s an overview of the most important changes: I then downloaded the latest Makehuman. Looks like the Makehuman website has been Blendernationed. Wow, the MakeHuman project has really made some progress! LoMac on December 18, I was annoyed too. The studio is a box made from solid rectangles to avoid light leakage during raytracing edit:

makehuman 0.9.1 rc1

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Keep in mind that the last version of MakeHuman available is a release candidate. No SSS has been done yet and it makebuman to be combined with textures; getting the balance right is going to be interesting.

Koba Koba Sounds like I have to find a Python script in my Blender folder, open it in a text editor, change the filepath in the script, resave it, then try importing again? Press P to separate selected. The pose was modified and hands removed from view to avoid complications with additional skin and textile modelling and textures at this stage. I think they would be better, say, creating more advanced morphing tools for the few who want such figures or a large library of poses.


MakeHuman 0.91RC1 Released

I had the same problem. If you only have a basic question on how to get started, please use the “newbies” forum in the community section. Just take a look to MH blog to see what Gianluca came up with, with this software: Eyebrows will probably be made slightly thicker and longer and less mature.

makehuman 0.9.1 rc1

Any idea when the OS X build will be available? It exports in Collada and. It was far from being completed. Also the standard make human teeth at the front are pretty awful, they look like those little minty chewing gums you can get. I wanted Poser, but it was too expensive. Anyhow still is pretty great.

MakeHuman RC1 Released – BlenderNation

I estimate the effort so far expended on this project is the order of 40 hours – filesaves to date. Have you tried the Decimate modifier to see how badly it messes up the loops? As you are using 64bit, I can tell you that http: Phlopper Phlopper Just as fast as native Windows on my P4 1. I saw the memory usage go over 2GB at one point and this image took 14 hours to render. But I fixed them by creating my own images. I installed both wine packages from the standard ubuntu repository, then configured Wine 0.


Import the MH Collada mesh using Blender 2.

The proposed portrait makdhuman setup is show in the image here. So I just deleted it… Then the next time I just selected link verts then copied the skin and started scuplting. To add a profile picture to your message, register your email address with Gravatar.

makehuman 0.9.1 rc1

I would like to make a donation but I fell out with PayPal. Linux is being given a thorough two month trial before I convert completely – Ubuntu looks great so far. I thought hair system and clothes were to be implemented in this one.

Users browsing this forum: Thank you very much, Terima kasih.: Remodelled head and full figure in MakeHuman 0.