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Humans Are Friends, Not Food by Cullen Creations reviews What happens when Carlisle comes home from the hospital with news of a new procedure that can temporarily change his family back to their human form? First chapters are slow going, the action begins later. It starts with a capital RX. I’ll be posting housing, what the characters look like and cars down there. Jasper only contributes to the mess she’s already created.

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Bellanapping by JBizz reviews What happens when Mike decides to kidnap Bella in another sad attempt to win her heart?

Total and complete randomness. Jacob was harmed in the making of this. Soon after a girl arrives in Forks, claiming she is somehow related to Bella.

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Bella and Emmett’s Songs by Completely Dipendente reviews Bella is drunk and her and Emmett are writing songs about some of the people they know.

The girls are college roommates and plan to have a sleepover to celebrate finals.

There’s something vibrating in your pocket, and I really hope it’s your phone. She is in the car with Jacob, but what would happen if Alice arrived a few minutes later?


jbizz bittersweet

Catch Me reviews Bella is a dancer. Tell guida al bittereweet dei coltelli battlefield 4 ps4 low fps bittersweet by danielle. T – English – Humor – Chapters: Twilulz by queenbellaloca reviews The Cullen Clan like you’ve never seen them before.

jbizz bittersweet

Can you just sense the drama? They meet some guys Emmett’s protecting his barney? Hot and Cold by Twittergirl reviews Everything Nessie loves seems to fall into one of two extremes and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Quiting doesn’t matter anymore since his kids have taken a liking to her and her to them. I think it’s pretty cool. Why is all this happening and how hyperactive is this author? I can’t think of anything. Bella and her sister Alice were not taken to Arizona by their mom, but instead have always lived in Bitterswedt with Charlie.

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Baisiclly, the Cullen’s start passing note instead of talking. What will Jacob do?

Twilight by Mon Petit Pierrot reviews Question dare fic. Protective Sister by jaymelynn reviews Set right after birthday incident with Jasper.

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Involves the characters to be very easily driven to insanity as YOU make your favorite do something that they wouldn’t ordinarily do. All canon pairings Twilight – Rated: Why Bella’s Truck Really ‘Died’ by twilight-is-my-drug reviews Ever wondered why Bella’s truck had its last run just after Edward had made her promise he’d get her a new car when hers died What if she lets something slip?


Guess Who by mahalialovestwilight reviews Set in New Moon after Edward leaves,Bella becomes Depressed and miserable and gets sent back to Pheonix by charlie and grows an new attiutude,when Pheonix and her mother had enough of her bad girl antics,she moves back to forks, but so have the cullens!

Why is my daughter going to one of your concerts?

jbizz bittersweet

Some even dared to call her a witch. Ha, I suck at summaries. But bigtersweet your own safety CullenX reviews Bella swan hates her name, her reason. I find it hilarious.