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Dec 31, DuDu Recorder 4. In the next version, these bugs will be fixed. Blogger templates created by Templates Block WordPress theme by Creamy. The administrator of this site ShareSpark. You can browse, sort, delete and transfer all the phone calls with ease. September 1, DuDu Recorder 1. Voyager Home Screen vHome v4.

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Swype Pen Input Beta v1. June 29, DuDu Recorder 4. Just install the new version of DuDu Recorder. September 4, DuDu Recorder 4. July 12, DuDu Recorder 2. HongDi Technology Hingdi v5. Post a Comment Komentar dari anda adalah dorongan bagi kami untuk terus berkreasi. In the next version, these bugs will be fixed.

Aug 2, DuDu Recorder 5. DuDu uses super memory light AMR format, so you can literally record thousands of hours of calls on memory cards. The administrator of this site ShareSpark. Support recording to internal memory or directly to memory hongdi technology dudu.v3.0.


Oct 18, DuDu Recorder 3. Nov 20, DuDu Recorder 4. July 27, DuDu Recorder 5. Sound quality is not good in some kind of Device E50,N73,c,etc: December 1, DuDu Recorder 2.

HongDi Tech DuDu Recorder v S60v5 applications | Mobile Games Download

April 20, DuDu Recorder 5. Jan 25, DuDu Recorder 4. June 4, DuDu Recorder 3.

There are currently no reviews for this app. Oct 4, DuDu Recorder 2.

HongDi Technology DuDu-Phần mềm ghi âm cuộc gọi (ver 5.60 – 27/7)

May 26, DuDu Recorder 3. News Jan 21, DuDu Recorder 4. You must re-install the OS before trying to re-arm again “. Send SMS content “61” to October 30, DuDu Recorder 2.

Jan 18, DuDu Recorder 5. Nov 27, DuDu Recorder 5.

Review Summary There are currently no reviews for this app. One File Love if you think you are file ducu.v3.0 and you always download files from the internet you must have this website in your mind.


Warning beep, suitable for E52,models of users and require a high-quality recordings users use. Oct 24, DuDu Recorder 4. Kenvast Software Touch Crypto v1. May 16, DuDu Recorder 3. September 1, DuDu Hongdi technology dudu.v3.0 1.