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Sometimes these got modified later on so that color combinations were a bit more appealing to me. I probably could have polished it more and made it look more 3D or better scaled, but nevertheless I was glad to have a section showing off the text. I decided to scratch the original idea I had during the brainstorm, which was some kind of triangle exploration, and do something a little more close to home that I previously worked on. People figured out that the Intro of the album released along with Dualive actually flowed pretty well into the song, so what they did was combine the two together and mapped the longer mix. He’s really well known in osu! Rather than look at resulting images, what if instead I digged a little higher and instead analyzed the actual font file?

dualive fly high

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I doubt though I’ll come across another project that will remotely try and do the same thing here, so if it works, it works.

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I don’t remember the exact details, but the contours have something like indices to another structure that contained info about points. I record every decent idea I think I have down on a Google lfy, and I look through that occasionally for some inspiration.

Then I could take a screen shot of this, put it into Photoshop, remove any green parts I found, and put it back into the storyboard with the right scaling. Okay, so let’s get started. Using the data for each letter, eualive path was formed by traversing the pockets.

dualive fly high

Next time though, for sure, I’m going to invest into more crazy 3D stuff. This was partially because I worked with some lyrics in the past and wanted to have this added in, hiyh it was actually more because I found a font completely made up of triangle lines.


dualive fly high

So inside fonts, to represent letters there are contours that describe borders where areas should be colored in or removed. Each of us chose 4 songs, and we had the choice of banning out one of the other person’s selections. At the time, I never really looked at other storyboards that much, and I still don’t really to this day. The 3D spectrum and branching text were very expensive, and adding color on top of all of that hith the file size.

That’s when it hit me that maybe I was maybe missing the target completely. I uigh in the stop-and-go?

flying high (original mix)

At the point when the generation first changes to the image, there is some super intense flashing going on, so I doubt anyone could catch the quick change. The lyrics tunnel section was also kind of maybe hackslashed together a bit. I don’t know if performance-wise this suffers any issues, though I can’t imagine it would by that much. At the time, I had no idea there was a Loop command in osu! The former is a pretty popular utaite cover singer.

In Flower Trip, I spent quite some time hardcoding areas to flip the y value and properly convert the coordinates to 2D space.

dualive fly high

He can have some pretty dramatic genre shifts between his works, but, as I tell others, if I can’t enjoy Flly properly, I’ll just enjoy his stuff ironically. This included updating map settings for the storyboard, deciding on naming, along with going through miscellaneous settings and picking the best options.

This would free up a ton of space since I wouldn’t be moving a bunch of sprites together, and rather only a single image. One method was rendering out the lyrics onto the storyboard with a green screen background.


Yeah, I’ll even pick up mapping and try to take this all the way. I could have potentially hifh to program some kind of other solution.

The contours were not perfect.

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After reduction, it was time to form “pockets. Instead of describing where each line should be, they described the missing space hibh lines should not be. I also wanted to add projection, and for that, I didn’t exactly fully get there, but I did make a basic perspective function that converted 3D to 2D perspectivified? What I had the most trouble with was probably figuring out how to best structure everything.

Fly High (Original Mix)

And this was what I ended up doing. If you looked at the image files also, you may notice that the moire pattern background is duailve like by Maybe it would have been better to stick to some more generic color theme, but I think it all worked out in the end.

I’ll probably make a few changes in between storyboards and update the flu then. I needed to make a tetrahedron class so all the lines and such could be manipulated together.

Next was the collision and moving.