dreams of floods

Dreams of floods

Water is flowing and continuous, so symbolically, water means life, rebirth as how we get baptized. Involvement of water in dreams is widespread among those who are experiencing heavy emotions or anxiety.

Visualizing water flowing rapidly like it’s in a rush or overflowing mans your emotions are been bottled up and badly wants to get out. It demands an expression of your waking life.

Dreams of Floods

Aside from this initial and basic analysis, there are few explanations that can give more detailed meaning based on some details of your dream. For example, the setting, manner of flow of water and how it relates to the situation you’re in.

Dreams of floods at home

The place where there is flooding has great significance. If the setting of the dream is in your house, it means your family is suffocating and you or something or someone in the house is feeling like they are drowning.

Floods basically mean you’re getting drowned, overwhelmed, and unable to cope. With the setting or place of the flooding, you can identify which part your life is causing the problem.

Dreams of floods in a school

Another example is if you see a flooded school then it means that school or work is drowning or stressing you out too much that you need to take it easy.

These kinds of dreams can a warning for you to take it easy on some aspects of your life.

Dreams of floods in the toilet

There are some settings or places of the dreams that have a positive interpretation and one of them is dreaming of a toilet being flooded. It means that you need to flush away a certain painful memory that has been tormenting you.

Biblical interpretation of dreams of floods

With the Christian meaning of water, which is rebirth through baptism or christening, it can also mean that you will have a new chapter or a brand-new beginning in your life.

For example, if you have dreamt of a flood that took you along the flow of water into a brand-new place, it means that you are about to get a change in your life. A new job, new school, new house or even a new lover are on the horizon. Who knows right? But it surely means that a change in your life is bound to happen.

Aside from different interpretations of this kind of dream in some aspects of society like how the bible and psychology interpreted it. Different cultures also have a somehow similar but different interpretation of this.

Islamic interpretation of dreams of floods

In Islam, flood in dreams has a negative meaning. It means, harm, lies, hypocrisy, an enemy or an enemy trying to attack you or having dangerous thoughts of you.

If you end up drowning and dying in the dream, then I guess it means that someone wishes you harm. Or if in the dream you are obviously struggling to live or breath. But if the flood flowed and took you to a river then it means that you will be able to escape from your enemy.

While if it is a flood that destroyed your home, I guess it means the destruction of literally your house. Probably a collapse of a part of your house will eventually happen. Or it concerns your family that lives in that house.

It can be someone moving out or divorce of a couple in the house. While if it’s someone you know, for example, you have been having a hunch that your husband is cheating on you. If you dream of your husband drowning, it can either mean that he is lying to you, he wishes you harm, or he is being a hypocrite.

These kinds of dreams can either bring good or bad effect in your actual life. It can lead to expecting too much, being paranoid, and much worse anxiety.

Dreams and readings of dreams are not always accurate and factual. But it can serve as a precaution or a warning just in case we really are caught in between a very bad situation that bothered your mind.

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