dreams of fish

Dreams of fish

Dreams of fish normally represent a positive dream, a sign of deep inner changes in the dreamer and a great knowledge about one’s own desires. Deeply connected to water in its totality, mirror of our unconscious, dreaming of fish lead us to re-emerge from our depths of the soul.

Fish is a psychic symbol, whose flickering in the waters in occult depths, ascending to a new light of consciousness. It is no coincidence that fish have been sacred for millions of years. The cult of the fish represents divine power in India, Asia and Mexico.



In the Gospel, Jesus Christ often compared men to fish, and fishing is one of the images with which he represented the work of salvation of men. His four first Apostles were simple fishermen whom he met on the shores of the lake, while casting their nets. Jesus called out to them and said: “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”.

The fish somehow represents human life and is a dream symbol that leads us to be on guard against the many adversities in which we face while living. It also is a sign of problems that will likely arise and as the fish must be careful of the fisherman’s hook, we must be careful to avoid being hooked in by problems that are unnecessary.

Like the fish that swims through the darkness of the abyss, we must rise to the surface to find light and peace, too.


Normally, this dream evokes image of fish floating on the water. It indicates that the dream is not a good omen of problems not yet resolved in a sentimental sphere.

It can represent the loss of material things or the decline of economy in general.

In general, the death of fish leads to an impending loss and could symbolize material loss of any size, spiritual loss or the loss of something we strongly care about but don’t know how to let go because it is holding us back.

Dreaming about dead fish sometimes represents calamity but most of the time, it’s merely a warning to change something in order not to suffer any loss.


These dreams are images that must be analyzed, taking into account the real feelings of attraction or repulsion for the fish as food. When we dream of the fish we are eating we must always put it in context with the way we eat them and take into account our true feelings about fish in real life.

For example, if in a dream we are eating food that we hate, most likely in life we ​​are “swallowing” too many facts that we do not like, or we are still experiencing unpleasant situations that we are not able to counter.

On the contrary, if in a dream we are eating fish that we consider appetizing, we are probably experiencing pleasures in reality that gratifies us, such as a healthy relationship. It could also be related to the search for a higher spirituality.

Normally, fish is considered a nutritious food and excellent for memory, so dreaming of eating one fried or cooked in other ways assumes the interpretation that you are going through positive things in your life because “food abounds on the table” and that you are is opening up to new knowledge. On the other hand, serving a fish dish to someone else means that you are doing a lot for others, sometimes forgetting your own needs and requirements.

If the fish in your dream is fresh, then you will have vitality and energy to expend. There are many winning ideas that overlap in your mind, all you have to do is grab them and give them substance.


If you have dreamed of fish out or jumping out of the water, take this dream as a suggestion that you need to change habits and get out of your normal routine. Specifically, then, a fish jumping out of the water could be “an illumination”, an idea that suddenly emerged from your unconscious. Also, it can mean that a part of you is struggling to emerge and that you need to give it more space.


Just as the different breeds of fish that appear to us in a dream have a very specific meaning, different sizes of fish can inevitably imply the manifestation in the dream of the various parts of our daily life. What we are experiencing, in reference to the size of the dreamed fish, can be significantly different.

So when we dream of fish that are large, enormous or in any case a certain size, those dimensions will most likely have a clear correlation of what is manifesting in the physical and psychic reality. Maybe there is something urgent, something “huge”, something big like a change, a transformation or a danger that we must or should face sooner or later.


Dreaming of white, red, black, orange, blue, pink, yellow, gray colored fish and so on? Did you know that identifying a precise color can be important to reinforce the idea that the fish represents?

In dreams the color black as well as the black fish can be the color of protest. You don’t want to be too influenced by the opinions of others and
you cannot accept a certain situation, even if others would like to convince you to do so. You have to react and rebel against something totally unacceptable to you.

This color can be related to the unconscious: black like the darkness given by the lack of light of consciousness. Black can also represent the feelings of the unknown, emptiness and lack.

Black is also what is secret, hidden, what cannot be understood, the shadow, the mystery, the occult. It can also be the color that expresses anguish and fear.


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