dreams of bees

Dreams of bees

The bee symbolizes hard work, one’s fulfilment with one’s persistence. Honey is precious and represents gold, royalty and wealth, according to the Egyptians, bees were born from the tears of the Sun God.

Dreaming of a bee recalls these meanings of royalty, wealth, and splendor, as well as self-realization. It will, therefore, have the positive intention of achieving success, of good results. At the same time, it will express our same industriousness, creative ability, and strength in carrying out projects.

Dreaming of a bee can also refer to the same idea of prosperity, fertility, and therefore also fruitful love. It can express diligence, discipline and even teamwork understood as an effort by an entire community to achieve valuable results such as honey. This can relate to practical goals such as wealth, job satisfaction, the birth of a child or the achievement of goals so that your spirit can reach a higher level.

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Hard work, honey, and wax, the bee has always played a significant role in the Christian imagination. Saint Ambrose, for example, compared the church to the beehive and the members of a community to bees, which can get the best out of every flower. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux considered the bees a symbol of the Holy Spirit, perhaps based on the idea that bees lived only on the scent of flowers, thus giving an image of great purity and continence.

Several saints are compared to the sweetness of honey, an “almost divine” food that symbolizes the compassion of Christ, symbolizes purity and sweetness even in the Virgin Mary. At the same time, the sting seems suitable to symbolize the divine punishment in the moment of the final judgment.

The beneficial character of the insect, its wisdom, and the virtues of its products have been chosen several times to illustrate the human and spiritual qualities. In the Christian religion, they also represent purity and innocence; the latter because it was then believed that bees were virgins.

Dreaming of bees has a very broad biblical meaning that leads back to serenity, sweetness and purity to something small that leads back to greatness.

We dream of the bee that brings something useful and beautiful into our lives; a divine message of how we are or maybe how we could be if we want to. One of our results can be excellent and indispensable as bees and honey are.


Dreaming of a bee stinging? It does not have a positive meaning,
This dream represents a threat, something that scares you in real life and from which you try with all your strength to escape.

A bee that tries to sting you can represent a person or a situation that worries you, from which you feel “stung” and from which you cannot get rid of. It can also be an obsessive thought or a repressed feeling of anger that you cannot throw out and “stings” you from your inside.

On the other hand, the fear of being stung by a bee is one of those that most obsessed us as children and returns to your dreams when you are experiencing trauma or a vital thought and trouble.


Bees that chase and attack are a vision that represents fear, a threat that scares you probably due to a recent trauma or something that has deeply marked you and for which you must find a remedy.
The angry and threatening bees in our dream indicate to us that we are experiencing relationships in a conflicting way, and this does not benefit our well-being.


Honey portends the achievement of goals, solidarity and the ability to carry out creative and proactive teamwork. You could, therefore, achieve a prestigious milestone thanks to the joint work, the best, the one that always bears the best fruit.

Furthermore, honey can be a symbol of spiritual values ​​ and riches that you have obtained by working on yourself, in your soul. In dreams, honey can represent a spiritual treasure, very high-level nourishment for the soul.

But also fertility and love. In fact, the expression ‘honeymoon’ literally means ‘honey month’. Honey is, therefore, a symbol of honest, sincere and fertile love; in dreams, it enhances a happy union with a partner and can also refer to a marriage or pregnancy.

Like all dreams in which you eat sweet things, dreaming of eating honey can indicate that you need affection, care and attention. If you eat honey with someone, it probably means that there is a good understanding between you, an honest and fertile feeling, on an emotional level, or even on a professional level, but also marriage or pregnancy.

Dreaming of a jar of honey usually represents something very precious that you keep with care: it can be the fruit of your work, the material wealth you have earned, or even your spiritual wealth or even represent your loved one;
While dreaming of a jar of honey falling to the ground and breaking is not a good omen, because it could mean material or emotional loss that you cared a lot about or a warning to be careful storing your belongings without ever putting them at risk.


The bumblebee is often associated with the hornet, but only in dream meanings, they are two completely different insects, but in the dream, they are both negative entities.

Dreaming of hornets and bumblebees could indicate the fear of being in close contact with one or more treacherous people who make fun of the dreamer and can emotionally impoverish him. The more the hornets and bumblebees in a dream seem to be large, the more the problem appears insurmountable to the subject by whom he feels overwhelmed in real life.

In particular, the bumblebee is a symbol of anguish and problems that are about to arise and warns us of future slanders but, in other cases, it also indicates that one is a bit clumsy with others.

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