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We see the way Kilian plays in the outdoors, his obsession with tracking the history of skyrunning, the deep intimacy he has in his relationships with others, true fear of the Matterhorn, and, perhaps for the first time, we see just one moment in which Kilian is exhausted. This minute film directed by Seb Montaz, shows the challenges Jornet and his friends faced on mountains around Europe during These very personal shots added something new to the film because people think they know a little bit more about Kilian. He pushed reason, the mountain, and his body to the limit. Thanks for your help and for the subtitle advice. He was well prepared. A fine line was somewhat melancholic, and understandibly so after the death of Kilian’s friend Stephane Brosse.

dejame vivir kilian jornet

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Déjame Vivir Official Trailel – Summits of My Life by Kilian Jornet – Trail Running

I have been trying desperately to buy this film, but the only payment option I find is the Euro, and when I log into my account it says I do not have access to this product. But kiliaan much more than a documentary of the climbs, the filmmaker tells us: Kilian is someone who’s happy, who has an entertaining personality.

dejame vivir kilian jornet

I can only imagine we are meant to feel a little thrown off course, as Kilian appears to have felt. For the Matterhorn record I was asking via Facebook for their shots, which I included.


Déjame Vivir Official Trailer – Summits of My Life on Vimeo

This is also the underlying philosophy of the project Summits of My Life, and so we thought that was quite appropriate. Iilian this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Make sure you choose the Italian version if you are looking for English subtitles also. This minute jofnet directed by Seb Montaz, shows the challenges Jornet and his friends faced on mountains around Europe during Toggle navigation Toggle search Compare cart 0.

Apart from these presentations, the film will be available on DVD or for downloading from the project website.

DVD Déjame Vivir – Summits of My Life

So I asked him to shoot whenever he did something. The scene is mystical with the music and dizzying with the footage.

My main goals are to chase happiness, see as much of this planet and its cultures as possible and grow every day through knowledge and experiences. Notify me of new comments via email. We use also third party cookies e. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. If nothing else, watch the film for shots cejame this! Kilian Xejame, together with all those who practice this sport, are the legacy of that generation of mountaineers led by Bruno Brunod and Marino Giacometi, among others.

Kilian is in his prime and what a master he is.

Following the Elbrus Race, a mythical race that climbs up to the summit of Elbrus at 5,m, Jornet tried to beat the existing record. But it’s much more than a documentary of the climbs, the filmmaker tells us:.


He was well prepared. What Kilian does next is superhuman and Seb successfully conveys the effort as a master at the height of his art.

Compare 0 Clear all. I emailed customer service who fixed the mistake quickly though so no worries. Thanks for your help and for the subtitle advice. You consent to the use cookies if you continue to use this website.

I highly recommend this documentary.

dejame vivir kilian jornet

Vitaly Dejamr near 5, meters on Mount Elbrus. This portion of the film has touching intimacy, such as exchanges between Kilian and Emelie that can only be seen as loving and a revealing moment when Kilian shares his scrapbook with his long-held hero, Bruno. The math conversion is automatic.

Suunto Connected Family with Ambit3. The film concludes with Kilian finishing in the town of Cervinia among a crowd outpouring so much love for him that you can feel it through the screen. For me, my take away message was not only about breaking a record but witnessing from the comfort of my laptop a young man living and telling more than most humans triple his age can say or do.

I could have watched hours it: