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Radiohead – Reckoner Tenkah Remix. The Walk Alminia remix. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Top Tracks Top Artists. Coeur de Pirate Rework. Mondkopf – Libera Me Tenkah Remix. Libera me Tenkah Refix.

dakent banger voodoo bear remix

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The Walk Pouvoirs Magiques Edit. Freddy ft Loris Voodoo Bear Remix. Coeur de Pirate Rework.

For my print i will be doing a front page of a souvenir magazine, i did some research on souvineir magazines and found good examples of them and thought about using them as a template when creating mine. Ore type of audiance are related to this show and this has become very popular with this type of audiance and will be looking into it abit more so that when i do my magazine advert it will get the same response.

SSS Mixtape – Tenkah. As they are to appear in this way, he leading for headlines should be determined by the following equations.

dakent banger voodoo bear remix

Libera Me Tenkah Remix. Jadore – R Tenkah Remix. Drame – Overcome Tenkah Remix. Freddy ft Loris Original Mix.

Just enough ft Paulette wright. All that is really needed now is sound in the back ground which i am hoping to get done in the next double lesson and then voice over at the end to give bangger a really sudden dramatics to it which has not been played in the rest of the film. Gorillaz – Stylo Tenkah Remix. The Walk Lehion Remix.


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The Walk Indie master remix. The Walk Lambs Remix. Lounging in Winter Mix. The Walk Mechanical Resistance Remix.

Dakent Top 50 Songs

The Walk Brightside Remix. Consequences of Unseen Effects Tenkah Remix. Tenkah – Oc HQ. Tenkah – Diplomatie mindthings rework. These two are the ones that i realy liked in the end of all my trials.

Top “Dakent” Songs

Consequences of unseen effects – Mindthings. If this idea is able to reach the audiance an idea to use QR codes in the magazine so they can be more of an active audiance and view the programmes facebook page or official website page dxkent really attract digital natives by incorporating it with the print platform. I want this to look proffesional when we have this so this makes me unsure about the mouse joining on the end of dakwnt question mark as it does not make it look serious enougI do think it would be more proffesional if we kept it to a fonte and effects that make it stand out but not added images as documentarys similar to ours do not vakent an image for their main Tv logo, maybe in a print advery but not for the whole image.


Between soundtrack and electronica, drifting quietly in the noise, mixing remixes Tenkah – Freddy mindthings remix.

Der Verfall We Do Voodoo Remix Edit Free Mp3

After filming many clips to be in our advert, i baner filmed and put together the ending for our TV trailer for our documentary but now just need to edit the sound and also put the rest of the film together.

Top Tracks Top Artists.

dakent banger voodoo bear remix

The Walk, their first EP, was a unanimous success. Stalingrad Pandas Grandez Remix.

The Real Folk Blues Mix. These all have serious sounds that do have a moment of droppinmg but some of them have really good tone to it and would be good at both start and middle of the advert but still not convinced about how it should sound nearer the end.