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I can’t get it to download could someone send it to me through email. But now Im trying to make a more practical use of the program! Demonstration All Demo software License Conditions: Mr Clark, I want to thank you for you re prompt response! Please mail me or post a msg here. Vocoder, my out goes silent while still showing mic input. Links to uncommonly great specials or deals at third party retailers are allowed.

cylonix vocoder

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Can anyone with a little more experience from Cylonix Vocoder tell me if it’s more powerful than I found it to be? Its US voltage but I’ll throw in a transformer if you buy it.

Does the Vocodre Vocoder work with Win98 and programs such as Acid 2. They can be find for about and of course you get much more than just vocoder.

Far better than you would think. Does anyone have some or can: I think there’s a developer kit at www.

Also, is there any way to avoid the massive latency that you get when controlling the input frequency via MIDI events? Id like to license it, but that minor delay before signal processing really puts a damper on LIVE work! I use mine with great results.


first mic – software vocoder suggestions? : synthesizers

Designed for use with SoundBlaster cards, but may work with other brands. You should have the most recent sound card drivers. This is done with the Doepfer.

Hopefully in Win this will be reduced, but don’t hold your breath. Some of the functions such as WAV file support are not operational in the demo. I can’t get it to download could someone send it to me through email.

Any informations or demos would be highly appreciated.

cylonix vocoder

Search Contact Privacy Policy. As far as Cher, If I have to spend big ish then I’m not bothered – it’s only a flight of fancy after all. I originally wanted to try the cyclonix as a VST plugin, but during my search, Ive found alot of stuff Hah, I neglected to notice Nils was offering his for saleI had one of those well the MAM version it is good value for that price. Demonstration All Demo software. Im amazed that there is more to learn about this module every time I use it.

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I, too have had numerous issues regarding oage errors concerning Dsound. Demonstration All Demo software License Conditions: Very cheap, but reasonably easy to find at just about any music store or vcooder shop! That’s exactly the sound I’m after.


Hi there – cool product, but I’d love to use it in the audio products I use Acid, Cakewalk, etc. Windows 95 File Size: I could be wrong, but my understanding of the “California” song was that it was a collaborration effort with Roger Troutman of the group Zap!

I am clonix how does the shapeshifter vocoder works, voclder can you process external signals, if it responds to cv and how does it sound.


There’s a complete Doepfer Vocoder system for sale in Holland http: After buying them all and they all seem to have quirks with some of my music programs as well as processing, with a few of my buddies, Im considering say maybe Linux!! But don’t expect anything soon. Posts that contain insults, attacks, or conspiracy theories based on vocder opinion of the value of gear will be deleted.

cylonix vocoder