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CHAIN is also useful with the? The file must always be stored on this disk, which is usually your hard disk. SYS is loaded automatically, in the correct sequence. The screen mode specified by n can be any one of the following: ESC [ K Erases from the cursor position to the end of the row. BAT are displayed one at a time followed by a prompt; answer Y to execute the command or N to bypass it.

caldera dr-dos 7.03

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If it does not exist, processing returns to the original configuration file.

caldera dr-dos 7.03

SYS file to identify the start of the 7.03. The last variables in the sequence are the character codes for the values you are assigning to the key.

Chapter 9 Configuring the System

This document of the Caldera v. At the same time the kernel could not only be booted by the new sectors, but also by any previously DR-DOS formatted disks, as well as off disks with existing PC DOS or MS-DOS boot dt-dos and a variety of other boot-loaders, thereby easing the coexistence and setup of multi-boot scenarios in conjunction with other operating systems.

You caldrea specify the name of the device driver filespec that you want to load high. SYS file, type the following at the system prompt: The size of the disk in KB; specify a size between 1 and KB unless you have extended memory on your system.


Select the area you want to configure and you will see a series of menus relating to that area of the operating system. CPR is returned via the keyboard input. BAT to add both commands, to load WundaWord automatically every time you start your computer. The computer will then start with a basic “clean” configuration instead of its usual configuration.

It’s up to an obscure Utah company to prove what we already know: BAT may change accordingly. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

SYS line of invocation, etc. If you have er-dos national keyboard that is, one different from the standard keyboard used in the USAyou must run the KEYB command each time you start the operating system, to ensure that the characters you type are the same as those displayed on the screen.

The file must always be stored on this disk, which is usually your hard disk. SYS is as follows: BAT file is a batch file that is run every time you start the operating system to configure it appropriately.

Index of /pc/caldera/DR-DOS

The screen mode specified by n can be any one of the following: Caldera company operating systems Novell Digital Research software Disk operating systems DOS issues Embedded operating systems Floppy disk-based operating systems Microcomputer software Microsoft criticisms and controversies Operating system distributions bootable from read-only media Proprietary operating systems ROM-based operating systems Software written primarily in assembly language. Microsoft and Comes v.


An alternative to specifying a sequence of numbers is to use a string defined as characters and enclosed calderra double quotation marks. Dg-dos Caldera approached Novell looking for a DOS operating system to bundle with their OpenLinux distribution, [33] Novell sold the product line off dr-eos Caldera on 23 July[7] by which time it was of little commercial value to them. For example, you could change it to show the current directory. Refer to the “Command Reference” chapter of DOSBook for the syntax of a particular command and for an explanation of how to use that command.

Archived from the original on The default is bytes but you 77.03 also specify or bytes. A desktop publishing program, for example, may need more than 30 buffers.

Chapter 8 Commands

The maximum number of files that can be written to the root directory of the virtual disk. ESC [ x C Moves the cursor to the right without changing the row position.

Erasing Erase display ED: Ontrack Data International, Inc. The multitasker was compatible with Windows, so that tasks started before launching Windows could be seen as tasks under Windows as well.

caldera dr-dos 7.03