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Kapitel 07 – Die Geheimsprache Folge The proprietors have published both the old song [1] and the new song [2] on YouTube. Bibi Blocksberg audio series. Originally, she was unpopular. Kapitel 19 – Die Geheimsprache Folge The title of the series was Eene meene Hexerei.

bibi blocksberg der hexenball

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Kapitel 27 – Der Hexenball (Folge 109)

Originally, the series had an instrumental theme. There are also two spin-offs: Papa ist weg “Daddy is Gone” The Mayor’s blocksbedg is Bruno Pressak Pressack is a type of German sausage, as well as a derogatory term for a corpulent personbut he is nearly always referred to as “The Mayor”.

Their daughter Margie first had problems with Bibi, but when Bibi learned of the castle’s financial problems, she helped Hexenbqll and they became friends. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hexspruch mit Folgen “Magic Spell with Consequences” Kapitel 23 – Die Geheimsprache Folge Karla gibt nicht auf “Karla Won’t Give Up” Kapitel 14 – Die Geheimsprache Folge Mamis Geburtstag “Mummy’s Birthday” It has hexemball received criticism from the scientist Gerd Strohmeier. Bodo Wolf since episode 93previously Guido Weber. Aber alle sagen sie Bibi zu mir.


Bibi Blocksberg – Page 2 – MusicBrainz

The old episodes are very sought after among collectors. She is very easily scared. He loves food and is portrayed as overweight. Die Schnitzeljagd “The Scavenger Hunt” When Barbara is tired of her family, she flies to visit her friend Amanda.

bibi blocksberg der hexenball

Bibi and the others often call him “Flori”. Cecily Thunderstorm is Bibi’s xer from Ireland and also a witch. Patrick owns a flying car, which has been enchanted by his wife. He has kept the habit ever since whenever he meets Bibi. Runs Away From Home” Originally, she was unpopular.

bibi blocksberg der hexenball

Der Familienausflug “The Family Trip” Although Bernhard and Barbara often have arguments, which sometimes escalate to divorce threats, they love each other and in some later episodes go on romantic cruises, for example to Venice. Mami in Not “Mummy in Trouble” Die neue Schule “The New School” The main character is a girl called Bibi Blocksberg, who is a witch.


It is sometimes implied that Bibi’s friend Moni might have a crush on Florian.

ā€ˇFolge Die Geheimsprache by Bibi Blocksberg on Apple Music

Luise Lunow since episode 73previously Tilly Lauenstein. She often has problems with her magic teacher Tante Mania because she’s inattentive. Der Affe ist los gesungen von Cute Hexrnball Miley [feat.

bibi blocksberg der hexenball

In later episodes, she is shown as friendlier, but still very strict and set in her own ways. She feels responsible for upholding a “normal” life in her household and has thus set many blocskberg in the Blocksberg house for example no flying in through the window, no flying to school on the broomstick, use magic only in an emergencybut these rules are often broken.