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The purpose of this Internship Report is to fulfill the prerequisite of the 7th Semester. Compared to my first internship in PT Mulia Industrindo, this time I spent most of my time in creating the company projects. Since my major is Information Technology IT , having internship in an IT-related company had given me valuable knowledge and experience. Newer Post Older Post Home. Basically, the objectives of the internship program are fulfilled through all the things that I have learned during the internship period.

bamboomedia simplebiz

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I felt very comfortable with the working condition. I also had less difficulty in adapting my self with my colleagues in the office.

bamboomedia simplebiz

I had to wait for them to finish before I could proceed to the next step. At last but not least, I would like to thank all my colleagues in the company that have accepted and taught many things to me.

bamboomedia simplebiz

Rila Mandala for his time and guidance during my simpleblz and the making of this report. This flash template contained an interface for user in order to interact with the tutorial e.

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It is important because student not only need to learn theories in class but also need to apply those theories in practice. Many things I have learned during my internship period there. Below are the points that I have learned. I explored Internet and read several books regarding this material.


#simplebiz photos and videos on Instagram

This was done by Simpleibz Support division. It is where customer can register and follows online classes. The company extracts knowledge from professionals and put all of that knowledge in a multimedia CD-ROM, company intranet, or in Internet web pages.

To improve learning and training quality through information technology innovation and application. I enjoyed my days there.

bamboomedia simplebiz

Newer Post Older Post Home. I also thanked Mr. During my internship period in Bamboomedia, there are points that I have learned and experienced. Narration would be recorded by other division.

Katalog Produk

Below are some of hamboomedia BM Games products:. In this step, I had to find ways to connect all applications and databases that I had mentioned before. PC untuk semua They put demos which had already been mixed into a flash template.

Moreover, viewers can pause the tutorial or rewind them if necessary. In this step, I had to mix the captured demo with the recorded narration.

After conducting my internship program, I am interested to be involved and become one of the participants in the IT market. I prepared the source code and created some sample applications. However, the numbers of projects given were less than what I got on my first internship.


Bamboomedia OnNet provides services for schools or academic institutions who would like to build a learning station.

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The purpose of this Internship Report is to fulfill the prerequisite of the 7th Semester. It did not only enhance my knowledge and ability but also my personality. If the tutorial passed, it would be produced and sold. I design a narration for 44 demos that I had recorded. Regarding its products quality and ideas, Bamboomedia has been awarded an e-learning award in education software developer category that was held by Pustekom Pusat Teknologi dan Komunikasi and SWA Magazine.

Internet Goes to School. It will let student to learn their subjects inside computer laboratory or learning station. Bamboomedia creates a website named indoclass.