How astrology predictions work

Astrology is the study of planetary forces and their influence upon the human condition. These planetary forces may be viewed as the gods, with each planet finding it corollary in the Greco-Roman pantheon as well as archetypal psychology.

Psychodynamic Astrology

Psychodynamic Astrology represents a synthesis of archetypal psychology and the age old system of astrology. What makes Psychodynamic Astrology different from other schools of astrology is its emphasis upon the process of individuation (or the coming to consciousness) as it is mirrored in the horoscope. Psychodynamic Astrology traces out your own particular path of self-realisation.

These planetary forces or gods do not remain idle, instead they seek to be made real and conscious in the world. This quest for consciousness finds its expression on three planes.

  1. As Event – Here the gods act as forces of fate, for example, Pluto, the god of death, might bring about an ending in one’s life.
  2. As Character – Here the gods find their expression via the individual, for example, a willful or aggressive person may find that they are acting as a channel for the war-god Mars.
  3. As Consciousness – Here the individual recognises the archetypal forces at work within themselves and chooses to express these energies. For example, an individual who seeks to develop their creative talents is also serving in the temple of the Sun-god Apollo. This individual will find that, whilst their innate creativity is mirrored by their sun-sign, their calling is to give expression to this otherwise dormant talent.

Classical Astrology Vs Psychodynamic Astrology

Whilst Classical astrology tends to focus on event and circumstance, Psychodynamic astrology looks at events as the most basic expression of the urge to consciousness.

That is, every event has, as its end goal, a greater degree of consciousness. Events and our fate our the gods seeking life, if we learn from these events then consciousness has been created.

Humanistic Astrology Vs Psychodynamic Astrology

Humanistic Astrology serves to describe the character of the individual. In Humanistic Astrology the planetary archetypes are viewed as sub-personalities within the individual – the combination of which makes up the whole of personality.

Psychodynamic Astrology takes a different slant. In Psychodynamic Astrology the planets are viewed as inner gods or archetypal forces, whilst the individual is seen as a channel through which these planetary energies seek to be realised. The duty of the individual to develop an awareness of these energies and provide them with the expression which they seek.

Psychodynamic Astrology reports outline the archetypal forces at work within the individual. These forces characterise your

  • goals in life
  • fate and destiny
  • your seek in relationship
  • hidden talents and greater potential
  • path and challenges in life
  • road to self-awareness

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