Dream Analysis is a site dedicated to the understanding and exploration of dreams. While there are several approaches to working with dreams, Dream Analysis Info leans heavily toward the Jungian and archetypal school of dream analysis.

Dreams Q&A

1.  How can I increase my ability to remember a dream?

People tend to forget dreams because they are seemingly of no importance. This applies to people new to dream work as well as experienced dream workers. To remember a dream it needs to be valued prior to being judged. The simple act of writing down a dream, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, quickly leads to improved dream recall.

A meditation practice also appears to increase dream recall.

 2.  What is the role of a dream analyst?

A dream analyst helps you stand back and take a more objective look at yourself and the dream material. Jung once reported that he would tell his dreams to a neighboring former. The farmer knew little in the way of dream analysis, yet he afforded Jung the opportunity to reflect upon and debate the meaning of a dream.

 3.  My dreams seem to be replay of events from my outer life. Are these dreams simply old memories?

This is the regurgitation theory of dreams, where the dream material is nothing more than a rehash of outer life events. A dream will borrow imagery from many sources, your life, mass media, film and your interaction with others. These sources are then woven together to form the dream. When the dream is not understood it appears as a nothing but a replay of events. Once interpreted, the same dream becomes a tapestry of meaning.

 4.  Where can I find more information on dream analysis?

Google offers a powerful search engine for finding information posted on the web.