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Karatebrot, thanks a ton for spreading the love! Sunday, May 19, VisionColor Cinelooks mini review. The RGB values of any image captured on any digital camera using any picture style can be adjusted in post production. From there I send to photoshop as a tiff. My workflow for this is to take the images directly into canons digital photo professional bundled with canon cameras.

visioncolor cinelook

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Posted March 15, Does anybody know if these can be loaded into CaptureOne and or if they can be loaded into a Canon 5Ds? One of the biggest reasons to divert from the standard picture style, is to flatten cinflook image. I finally found a straight out of the camera profile that needs no grading.

This allows me to easily see how light is falling on the subject without the distraction of color, and since I am shooting RAW, the monochrome profile does not carry over to the image itself, and gives me a full color image. Visioncolor cijelook Visiontech come buddled for 6.

visioncolor cinelook

My vlsioncolor trick for shooting with a flatter profile, is to expose the shot in a standard profile and then switch back to the flat profile. For what you want though, waiting for a 4k camera won’t cut it.

Visioncolor cinelook test

Since the data being shifted towards the lower gamma range falls into the part of the image with the least data being assigned to by the compression, there is little to no poterization introduced in the midtones and highlights which has been our primary concern with all of our styles.


I find this is particularly useful for portraits, and especially when shooting anything that I intend to convert to black and white, but I use it with caution when shooting anything where color reproduction itself is critical, for obvious reasons. Users can put it vidioncolor on the SD card and install it from there. It’s called “VisionColor” and is modelled after 35mm analog film stock.

Cinelopk you miss your activation email?

I like to think that shooting with a flat profile lies somewhere between a regular image and raw. But even from there you have to export as a tiff or jpeg. Already have an account?

visioncolor cinelook

VisionColor and VisionTech both are meant to be graded. Here’s a few of the frame grabs straight out of the camera and only resized for the anamorphic lens I was using. This way I still have a 16 bit image instead of an 8 bit jpeg. You can download it hereand learn to to install it here. cinelool

pkfilms: VisionColor Cinelooks mini review

You are not the only one b r. Karatebrot, thanks a ton for spreading the love! At a first glance it seems it gives some greenish results though, is that correct? I can’t upload CineStyle to my 5D4 either however, before I updated my Canon software, I was able to upload the profile to my 6D, M3, previously owned 7D2and my old T1i with no problems at all.


DeltaVision has gorgeous filmic contrast and gives some pretty interesting results especially when shooting with high ISOs. However I don’t personally regret either purchase and I would have happily donated something. I find them all pretty terrible to be honest.

visioncolor cinelook

Never giving him money. You have to use Canon’s software for those profiles to transfer with the raw image. I vusioncolor profiles in quite a different way.

VisionColor: CineLook test01 on Vimeo

It can increase dynamic rangevisioncloor for more control in post, and can really help with shooting video on a DSLR. VisionLog is still in the beta phase but it’s looking promising. Tried them all and found this one comes on top. Put the camera into Video mode Press the Menu button Move to the 3rd tab from the left.

Cinestyle does have more shadow information though.