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Thank you for your interest in our products. Without this step, you cannot see anything but the skin unless you want to dissect the entire Visible Human piece by piece, which would be extremely laborious. Used in the classroom or as the laboratory component an online anatomy course, the VH Dissector provides:. The following chart shows the eight rotation increments that are available in the current version. On most computers, there will be a delay of two or more seconds before the cross section area updates; be patient.

vh dissector

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However, at this time the computers outside of anatomy lab do not have a tutorial. At the top left, there is a text area with four tabs: The Lessons tab is used for lessons and tutorials not currently available, except for the tutorials in the Windows machines in the anatomy lab.

Today the ability to understand a variety of imaging modalities is fissector for almost any physician. All body systems are examined through manipulation and dissection of the VH Dissector specimen keeping students actively engaged in their own learning and mastery.

VH Dissector Pro

Thank you for your interest in our products. High-resolution virtual “bone box” Interactive high-resolution dissrctor of each bone with labeled landmarks provide students with a way to study these details outside of the anatomy lab. Also accessible from your iPad or Android tablet at https: Clicking on the psoas again in the cross-section removes it from the dissection. This will add the structure to the Dissection window at the right. While it is intended for first vvh anatomy students, the curriculum will also allow experienced anatomists to further their anatomical understanding through interactive self-paced exploration.


The window on the left has a text area on top, and a cross section area on the bottom. The following lessons are installed on your computer and can be accessed without being connected to the Internet. After that you can adjust the opacity of the transparent skin using the slider.

Beneath each of these anatomical views is a toolbar providing a variety of controls and tools that can be used with each view.

ToLTech – VH Dissector Pro

In the dissection window, clicking on a structure selects it it becomes bright pink. Used in the dissection lab, for small group discussions or as a self-study resource, the VH Dissector provides:. The anatomy knowledge base learned in gross anatomy needs to be translated into a working clinical anatomy knowledge for accurate diagnosis with physical examination and successful treatment with injection therapies.

Unlike the dissection, structures are never removed or dissected from a disseector. The third slider at the bottom of the Dissection window allows you to adjust the skin transparency.

VH Dissector

If you still have trouble after reloading, please contact support toltech. Thank you for contacting us, your message has been sent to our sales team and someone will be contacting you shortly. Lab Practical Self-Assessment Dissections are organized regionally and each dissection starts with an overview of the anatomical features of the area along with key concepts such as muscle function, innervation and blood supply.

The Dental Cadaver Dissection Guide provides complete dissection instructions for a dental gross anatomy course. As the most comprehensive electronic 3D and cross-sectional atlas available, the VH Dissector belongs on every physician’s virtual bookshelf and your students will already have it. You can drag the slider with the mouse, or use the keyboard shortcut Mac: On the right is the Dissection windowwhich shows the Visible Human in a view similar to how you see the cadavers in the lab.


Therefore the following tutorial was prepared for your convenience. Depending on whether or not you have advanced graphics mode enabled you may have different options than those displayed.

vh dissector

In a cross-section area, the dissect tool instead adds and removes structures from the dissection by clicking on them in the cross-section. Determines the way the cross-sectional planes are displayed in the dissection area. The VH Dissector platform provides an interactive, always available anatomical resource for students to disector and better understand clinical anatomy as they progress through their clinical rotations and on into residency.

vh dissector

With the ability to interact with correlated 3D and cross-sectional views of over 2, anatomical structures through identification, dissection, assembly and rotation the VH Dissector helps students understand the complex three-dimensional structure of the human body.

Please give us a call at to speak with a sales representative or let us know how to get in touch with you and a representative will get back to you right eissector.

Includes the VH Dissector Lite and a lifetime subscription to product upgrades and ToLTech’s online lessons for undergraduate education dissectoe Anatomy Pathways, the Virtual Edge and a growing library of clinical and imaging content.