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Click Here to get it. Edited March 21, by batlefield. Posted November 4, This tool is much better than stupid TXD Workshop Also, use this tool to verify which versions of. Also important news, the news script is now fixed, so i can now post news and you can post comments again. Now make a backup copy of your SA Folder.

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Download Link There’s also an articles page for this tool: Posted February 2, If you still have problems, ask me, and I will help you. Can somebody hopefully tell me what’s wrong??? Also, use this txd workshop 3.5 to verify which versions of. Thanks for this helpful tutorial. When I try to edit some things mostly billboards my screen starts flashing like it’s turning off, and on, off, and on, and so on.

Posted March 22, Now double worlshop it, or click open. Here is a little FAQ. What is Alpha color? I get an error, when i Exit, But everything imported fine.


TXD Workshop 5.0

My man is now all white,it may be an error I modified an Aztecas member Sunny and I maked his xtd. I get an error, when i Exit, But everything imported fine. I’ve been trying to mod the I love L. Posted August 7, DragonSC commented 0 months ago: It should import fine, if not tell me what it says.

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If you are doing modern TXD editing, you are going to run into problems, especially with my TxdGen tool. I’m on Vista Home x I hope this has helped you with TXD Workshop.

I wofkshop my speedometer and now there are just rotating big white blocks in the corner. Posted January 20, The website doesn’t work anymore. Posted January 9, edited.

GTA San Andreas TXD Workshop Mod –

Nevermind, i fixed it now. Just click the tool name to download. The thumbnail for a texture appears textured, but when i select it, it is white! You do not txd workshop 3.5 to set them high too, it’s file size will increase, and the game will be slow if you have a slow PC, Keep it small for slow PC’s. I hope importing workzhop with alpha problem fixed.


How to use TXD Workshop properly

I think I remembered how it was done nice tutorial anyway Edited June 21, by Patcher. Whatever one that works better for you. It should import fine, if not tell me what it says. So stay tuned for that last package of goodies, it’s workshpp soon.