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Now hailed as an OPM classic,”Pare Ko” is being considered as the song that best defined how unique andfresh the Eraserheads was when they first appeared commercially way back in Even before “Pare Ko” became the national tambay anthem, the song had alreadyachieved a considerable cult following among University of the Philippinesstudents who frequent campus gigs. Laging masayahin at pala- smile. The song’s straightforward and unpretentious lyric about spurned love complementedby a simple melody was simply too much for the mainstream listeners to resist. Ngunit ngayon, kay bilis maglaho ng kahapon. Boses pa lang mapapatino ka na. Still, and despite the issue,”Alapaap” was heard all over the country as radio stations played the song inheavy rotation signaling another hit for the band.

tunay na magkaibigan eraserheads

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tunay na magkaibigan eraserheads

Eto di ko sure kung mabait. The song’sinnocence pushed the right buttons among the young listeners who erasetheads either ridingon the afterglow of a puppy love or those mature enough to know the difference.

Dahil minsan tayo ay naging tunay bigan. | Flickr

I was playing all these favorite hits, but what was different was that I was playing it all alone in my room. Ang daming usong Eraserheads na kanta nun from their Circus album!

Just goes to show she keeps her feet firmly on the ground. At kung sakaling gipitin ay laging iisipin na minsan tayo ay naging tunay na magkaibigan. Stay updated via RSS.

Ang pinaka- original na friend ko. I remember after nung 4 th year high school field trip at balik SMCM na kami, biglang bumuhos ang malakas na ulan at nagbaha, pero punta pa rin kami sa kanila para kumain magkajbigan pancit, at magpatila.


Dahil minsan tayo ay naging tunay na..magkaibigan.

Now hailed as an OPM classic,”Pare Ko” is being considered as the magkaibigab that best defined how unique andfresh the Eraserheads was when they first appeared commercially way back in The current state of my acoustic guitar eraserhheads a gradient white-to-blue glossy finish, now tainted with a yellowish film. Leilanie — Corps S After college ended, my time with my guitar diminished completely until it was almost permanently stuck inside the guitar case which seemed like forever; waiting for the time she will be held in my arms again.

One of the girls, and one of the boys, too. Perhaps the most controversial song on the entireEraserheads catalog. Pero wala lang sa kanya yun. Don’t want to see ads?

Minsan – Lyrics

In time, I even discovered how to play a little bit of bass and slow lead also by ear. I was gifted with a very modern-looking acoustic guitar with a curved back not common to see during that time.

Curiously, the Eraserheads—knownfor their abundant inside jokes—once said that “Overdrive” was about sex andnot about eraserhead and driving. Minsan sa may kalayaan tayo’y nagkatagpuan May mga sariling gimik at kaya-kanyang hangad sa buhay Sa ilalim ng iisang bubong Mga sikretong ibinubulong Kahit na anong mangyari Kahit na saan ka man patungo. The band rarely played this songas they matured in the scene and if they do, the quartet usually include”Toyang” as part only tnuay a medley along with some old materials.

high school memories | MUM’s d’WORD – Mon’s Unworldly Musings

Even when they were just starting out, “PareKo” had always been the rabbit on the Eraserheads hat—a secret ammunition madeto cover up the quartet’s sloppy technical chops and amateurish live set duringtheir startup years. The story was written by Ely fromhis personal viewpoint, mentioning Kalayaan—the dormitory where he stayed whilestudying at the University of the Philippines—and narrating the common mundaneactivities of dorm mates, like drinking sessions or just sharing secrets anddreams.


Given Ely’s bleak feelings thattime for the Eraserheads legacy, it is of course easy to understand his public misgivingswhen it comes to anything about his former band. The song’s magic continued tocarry the band when they were admitted at the now defunct and legendary clubjoint, Club Dredd.

Haba kasi ng hair! Eto ang pinaka-astig sa lahat ng babae! The song’s intro, with Ely’svoice seemingly floating in a trance while caught in a spacey atmosphererenders the beginning a psychedelic feel.

You know what they say, “Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery” or something like that, but please, give credit if credit is due. Connect to Spotify Dismiss. For its next installment, PEPwill feature the Eraserheads’ other notable songs.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Ang pinaka-mabait sa lahat sa kanila. Sa kanila nagkakatambayan pag may gimik ang barkada dahil sa nasa kalagitnaan ang bahay nila from Valenzuela to Marilao.

tunay na magkaibigan eraserheads

By signing up on PEP. Aside from its theme of undying-unrequitedlove worthy of eraserhheads Shakespeare obra, “Ang Huling El Bimbo” found the Eraserheadsmightily brandishing their ability to write a pop song served in theatricalnarrative style.

tunay na magkaibigan eraserheads