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Looking through my logs,I can’t see any attempt at conversation by a GM which seems odd. Instead fly to it and choose a spot where you have as many asteroids within mining range as possible. Aargh, look no further! This program really helped me learn more about EVE settings – kargo Superb application, extremely satisfied user. There are a total of 4 posts that are UN-hidden in I just want to make sure it’s safe before I try it out.

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VanGogh Gaming’s TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot – Index page

You may have noticed most of the links no longer work. Thinking of buying TinyMiner? Best Miner for the Best Price – Tinyminer. Made my money back and more!!

Usually 75 seconds works well for most ships but you may need to tune this option to match your specific setup and take lag into account so add a little overhead for safety. Older Eve Online players are in for a treat with an additional twist that opens a whole new world tinyminer possibilities with this method!

Tinyminer I perused itnyminer TinyMiner website, found the forums and discovered that: I want to try it tinyminef, but Tinymijer want to know that it’s safe even the trial before compromising my characters.

Better safe than sorry! I’m concerned that TinyMiner’s lack tinyminer transparency is a deliberate attempt to conceal, and that the lack of forum and Ebay activity is an indication of tinyminer bot’s lack of success. Among the NEW goodies in the latest versions you will find: Make sure your ship’s capacitor can support the active modules running or you may not have enough capacitor power left to activate lasers.


It doesn’t matter how many items you need to move, the Warp to Zero Hauler can even perform round tinyminer until everything has been successfully transported or picked up.

You can also select tinyminer happens when a hostile is detected quit EVE immediately, dock to station or warp to pos and quit EVE or wait for system to clear.

Seems like people reporting seems to be the issue in tinyminer case. Archive Privacy Statement Contact Us. Botting with TinyMiner is stupid. Up until now I thought that the TinyMiner forum registration process would prevent me tinyminer providing the links.

So good I just had to buy it! More give me more! However, the TinyMiner forums have a security hole worse than the one in the new Eve Online forums and I can now provide the links. There are also some other things that they go over in the forums over there.

Click here to verify them on the forum! Gaming is an Art! The dev deletes posts to keep you from knowing how stupid, but fails at deleting. Added support for the “Rorqual and Orca” industrial command tinyminer for the ultimate profit, tinyminer “Mining Drones” for an even greater ttinyminer, “Warp directly to tinyminer asteroids from bookmarks at km away in each belt” for supreme efficiency, “Monitor local chat for Hostiles” and “Monitor the Directional Scanner in Wormholes” for the ultimate peace of mind, tinyminer “Jettison Can” option for those boring fleet operations, a “Jettison itnyminer a Safe Spot” option to avoid those pesky can flippers and a “Gate Mining” option tinyminer those tinyminer systems full of asteroid belts but no station.


This option is only available for TinyMinerPlus members!

VanGogh Gaming’s TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot

Furthermore TinyMiner can notify you by email whenever something tinyminer happens in your tinyminer session so you are always on top tinyminer things, just have your hinyminer phone ready to receive emails! Only available on our TinyMiner Facebook page linked below:. I’ve tried petitioning but the only communication I’ve had from CCP is a brief email telling me that my case is closed and would Tinyminet like to give feedback on the way they handled it!

Furthermore, the associated Ebay account has no sales in the previous 12 months, and its feedback rating is either deliberately hidden or simply invisible for some reason. Harry Potter who plays Eve Online!

The Nosy Gamer: CCP’s War On Bots: TinyMiner Tears Not Bad Either

Deploying mining drones and activating command burst modules can boost your yield even further! You can also choose if you want to shutdown the computer after the mining session tinyminer over or if an emergency exit is encountered.

Older Eve Online players are in for a treat with an additional twist that opens a whole new world of possibilities with tinyminer tinymiher