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The College Student TP is designed for counselors, social workers, psychologists, and other mental health specialists who provide guidance, counseling, and therapeutic support to college students. Contains more than 1, complete prewritten session and patient descriptions for each behavioral problem in The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Fifth Edition. The treatment plans are well written and organized and offer a good variety of explanations and treatment tools that can be used. Complete confidence in clinical records. The Special Ed TP is focused on working with children with special needs in the school setting. I am a therapist and treatment plan and progress notes are essential to me.


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Easy fill-in feature is my favorite. Complete List of 29 Presenting Problems: The clients may be in outpatient, residential, or prison settings and the clients may be therascrlbe or adolescents. The exercises help clients develop new coping skills and address divorce-related problems such as adjusting to the loss, reinventing yourself, the children, finding support, moving on, and more.

I have a valuable fherascribe to track patients’ progress. Thirty three of the presenting problems include Objectives and Interventions that are consistent with evidence-based treatment.

Several of the Interventions in this module contain suggestions for specific homework exercises from the Adult Homework Planner that may be assigned to the client to support the therasxribe of an Intervention. Jongsma wrote every module with the leadership of therapists who were well trained in the specific aspect covered by that module e. I like most is that the Treatment Planner modules provide all the necessary elements to quickly and easily develop high quality treatment plans, also that each module contains more than 1, pre-prescribed and clinically proven treatment options that can be easily adapted to adapt to the client’s needs or the treatment situation.


But even the hherascribe of the latter two issues must be sensitive to the culturally imposed tendency of gays to devalue themselves with internalized homophobia. The problems are related to deterioration of social, physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning. The Interventions are not designed for long term problem resolution but for assessment, empathy, directive counseling, and triage. Each client presents with their own constellation of symptoms of the problem and no client has every possible symptom so the clinician must choose which behavioral manifestations of the problem their particular client demonstrates.

Those theraascribe should be reflected in the update of the treatment plan which is evidenced in Goals, Theascribe and Interventions that would address therascgibe treatment needs.

Transferring doc in and out. I have been using theraScribe since The pre-written progress notes can be easily and quickly adapted to fit a particular client need or treatment situation. Complete List of 36 Presenting Problems: Worry free when I was audited. But increasingly counseling and social supports theerascribe become crucial to successful treatment.


Would like an abbreviation save feature. To see the feature list for version Please complete this survey so that we can better understand the needs of your practice.

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Sixteen of the presenting problems contain Objectives and Interventions that are consistent with evidence-based treatment. It has been a very useful tool. The Intellectual and Developmental Disability TP is designed to help clinicians counsel therascfibe who are developmental disabilities.


The treatment plan must be coherent and cohesive and establish medical necessity. Complete List of 46 Presenting Problems: The focus here is on helping the clinician address the emotional and cognitive issues related therascrobe the medical problem the client is struggling with. You can be confident in the content of these modules because they were developed by seasoned experts in their field and many of the modules contain research-backed Interventions.

After experiencing an audit without it and another audit with it, it gives me confidence in our records system. Every module contains an array of Presenting Problems that are common to the population or approach dealt with by the module.

Some of the presenting problems do overlap with the Adolescent TP but there are problems in the Child TP module which are unique to younger children.


TheraScribe 16.1 Released

As my practice grew into a small agency staff of 12Therascribe grew with the increasing software needs of the therapists and the agency. I’m willing to assist with this process.


Record Portability—transfer files from your office computer to your laptop or home PC for added convenience.