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Students will be able to save work for output back at school. Version 1 to Version 2 Upgrade Prices: Microsoft recommended minimum hardware specification advised. NO Multi-stage manufacturing processes. Firstly, a very simple to use PCB design package, developed specifically for the needs of education and secondly, a PCB manufacturing system.

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Have fun techsoft 2d drawings with the software. Because we write the software and work closely with machine manufacturers, we make sure that output is easy from 2D Design tecgsoft, where possible, direct from the desktop with a common output dialog box.

2D Design V2 Demo Software Download

Whatever the desired outcome, the start will always be with an increasingly familiar software tool. By KS4, 2D Design V2 simply techsoct a powerful tool for designing and making, and continues to be so into sixth form and techsoft 2d.

Cuts all of the way through the material Blue: A library facility allows standard component libraries supplied to be used. With this CAD software you can create accurate 2D techsoftt. X is the width and Y is the height. Scores a line on the surface of the material Black: These drawings can be techskft out at school or can be used to program our laser cutter.


If you want to print you will have to come into school and do it. Although a very comprehensive system, the most important design consideration for our software writers, has been to make it easy to use and accessible to students. 2dd school PCB manufacture has been fraught with problems. It is in same folder as the setup file. When ordering please state: Sketching is still an essential tool techsoft 2d exploring ideas but CAD has long-since replaced the drawing board and pencil for design detailing and proposal.

Techsoft 2D Design

NO Chemical disposal problems. The graphics elements of 2D Techsoft 2d V2 give the student all the tools they need to design packaging products, posters, point-of-sale displays, greeting cards, etc. You are allowed to use the software for as long as you are a student of The Fallibroome Academy. Simple 2D drawing can start with the youngest pupils and be developed as they move up the school regardless of which material area they may be working in.

NO Techoft exposure times and getting it wrong!

Download at School If you are in school you can find it on the O: When you output a file a drawing to the machine there is just techsoft 2d 22d dialogue to let the machine know what you want it to do and what settings it should use. NO Dangerous chemicals and messy etch tanks.


CAD/CAM Overview

Look at the advantages: There will probably be a link on your desktop What Next? Username or Email Address. Part way through installing it will ask you for the licence file.

Prices excluding VAT Products. If you are new to CAD, but familiar with conventional technical drawing, you will soon be producing work to meet any sector standard. It is ideal tecysoft both simple techsoft 2d PCBs, and complex double-sided boards.

Techsft in to our website. The parts may be assembled into 3D products reflecting the commercial practice of flat pack assembly. Type in the size in mm in the material size box. The track and pad data in a PCB drawing is recognised and preserved techsoft 2d transferred into 2D Design V2 — and vice versa. NO Expensive photo etch board.