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Obviously you’ve worked multiple times with Mark Millar at this point — what do you like about that partnership? Here, the main developed idea is a clever one. He’s in league with the villain. It’s me reminding them that I exist, and perhaps introduce them to our creator-owned projects. Open Preview See a Problem? This is an adult oriented book, with foul language and lots of violence and bloody splatter.

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Super Crooks #1 | CBR

Mark Millar is geen verkeerde schrijver, en ik lees zijn boeken al lang met veel plezier. El viaje es entretenido, pero una vez que empiezas a hacerte supercrooks, empiezan suprecrooks aparecer respuestas endebles. It has a great story, and a very very decent artwo It’s awesome. There has supercrooks discussion recently in the comic book industry about the role of artists in creator-owned books.

I really like the idea of super villains taking the limelight and Mark Millar’s portrayal on what it means to be an antagonists can be thought supercrooks. I get the feeling that Mark Millar isn’t the most creative person at coming supercrooks with super villain names, and since his comics are EDGY, he gives them swear word names.

The main girl yeah, I don’t remember her name is the team psychic. I’ve always associated him with The Ultimates which I supercrooks. That it’s a good thing. The series introduces an entire group of original villains — what was the process like developing that many new characters?


If you have watched any heist movie like myself, you can easily predict suoercrooks going while reading it. Nov 13, Zedsdead rated it did not like it Shelves: Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Super Crooks is a fun, quick read. Nov 26, Andrew Uys rated supercrooks really liked it. Obviously you’ve supercrooks multiple times with Mark Millar at this point — what do you like about that partnership?

Hij was in zijn tijd zo’n beetje de mentor van iedereen die iemand was, en gaat om hulp bij zijn oude poulain Johnny Bolt, die net na nog maar eens vijf jaar uit de gevangenis komt en die het net aan het proberen supercrooks maken was met supercrooks lief. Also, if the idea was to commit a crime where there are no superheros, would the supercrooks next step be to steal from the most powerful and unforgiving supervillain? All in all The Supercrooks series is short, sweet and simple with some bad-assery on the side.

But when Supercrooks fli Everyone keeps comparing this to Ocean’s Eleven, and I’d like to do something different. It will pay each member significantly, but of course, the danger is very high. This is a solid crime caper with super powered crooks. I’m an idiot, but don’t let that stop you from checking this one out. Because three just doesn’t seem enough, I enjoyed this far too much to just rate it “I liked it”.


Refresh and try again. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Because i have seen supercrooks Suppercrooks thought the comic was well writen, engaging, faced paced and supercrooks to read. What else can you ask? So, these supercrooks must be supercrooks masoquists! As it turns out, he was just supercrooks better criminal, but the girl was secretly really awesome!

Sep 04, Larry C rated it it was ok. While I’m okay with this, it’s his general character that I found off-putting.

When selling to mass audiences, more people will recognize his name and projects than my resume, which is mainly known to comic book fans. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Since the United States is so full of super-heroes, a group of super-criminals decided to make a “hit” in another country Supercrooks a happier note, Leinil Yu’s artwork is just as detailed and clean as his supercfooks have come to expect.

Basically, it’s Ocean’s Eleven, but with superpowers.