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You can change your order here. Applying the theory of temporal and spatial subordination, the study attempts to define on the given examples the spatial and temporal relationships that occur in the film composition. You can now use many different services on site.


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We talk about it when in the variable point between two shots the space-time circumstances are changing on the basis of adhesion.


სუბორდინაცია – Wiktionary

In such cases, we zubordinacia about the time subordination whereas considering spatial composition anomalies always occur, such as distortions of objective time, its shortening or lengthening, at the expense of spatial relationships. Order VIP status and use service unlimitedly! Only VIP users can see pictures in albums in full size.

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The author starts with the assumption that we can talk about spatial composition in the film when the subordination of suborrdinacia occur in two consecutive shots and the circumstances of time and space remain the same. If you block your account or it is blocked because of breaking Face. You can see whole list here. Congratulations, [username], you are now – VIP!


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