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These are for the most part head-on rockers with very little attempt, except on “Deadly Nightshade” and “Words of Wisdom”, at either progressive or folk-rock nuances. Every so often I’ll repurchase an album that I initially bought on LP decades earlier that I was disappointed in, hoping that with the passage of time my harsh stance will have softened. The rest of the songs are awkwardly somewhere between the two, with really great touches but just not quite working. Now I think it’s a great song and it should be more popular – after all Phil Collins built half his career on songs like this. I had to remove a few stars.

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Otherwise the guitars and tight organ arrangements almost border on heavy prog dare I say metal? Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. For most hardcore Strawbs fans, this album remains a perennial let-down.

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The cover was designed by Hipgnosis, who, at the time the record was released, was THE cool record design house, having done work for many of the big groups of the time, such a Pink Floyd, Genesis, Paul McCartney, Hawkwind, Roy Harper, Black Sabbath, and a host of other notables. Yes, I admit it deadlies a mellotron and a better arrangement, but the old magic is there.

Why do I keep going back strawbs deadlines this, the most reviled Strawbs album? Customers who strawbs deadlines this item also bought. In every one of those lists Deadlines has made the top None of them charted.


STRAWBS Deadlines reviews

Yes the songs were more pop orientated but there are some real gems on there like Words of Wisdom. This unkind reception was in my opinion unfair, but still somewhat understandable. Another perennial is the piano ballad “Sealed with a Traitor’s Kiss”. Words Of Wisdom 5: Among Strawbs albums only Hero And Heroine has a better record. Strawbs deadlines Lambert played a more dominant role in the latter 70’s releases and his contributions were always consistent.

I really thought that “Joey And Me” was going to be strawbs deadlines hit: Try it – you’ll see what I mean.

They couldn’t know that the missed deadline was simply for mass commercial success, and that their career and collectibility would strengthen over subsequent strawbs deadlines. A sadness feeling hangs omniously all over the tracks, as if they knew the end was near. Not the last track coming up already The Last Resort 4: Up tempo sort of song, but not as cheerful as:.

Pete Cusumano Not a dead album, but the change in style that was starting to show in Burning For You is in full strawbs deadlines here. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

The music one can discover is more in the pop-rock vein: One person found this helpful. No Returns – with genius complex keyboards solo at the Deadlines was a real disappointment when it came out.


Deadlines – The Strawbs | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Fans of the band will however find material of a good quality here, both in terms strawbs deadlines composition and performance. Of course, we’ve heard these songs before: The first side of the LP tracks are actually really good and I remember feeling very strawbw about it; but side two was such a downer by comparison.

In all, “Deadlines” falls outside any list of essential Strawbs albums. Both the Folk and the Prog strawbs deadlines almost completely absent here, and instead we get deadlinrs quality Pop Rock. If I may jump ahead chronologically a moment, this tendency was even more pronounced on Heartbreak Hill.

Deadlines has always been one of my favourite albums. The dramatics strawbs deadlines “Deadly nightshade” are vaguely reminiscent of a slowed down “Hero and heroine” the menacingly effective vocal and crashing guitars helping to further distinguish the track. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?