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Simon also had a great facility with languages, being fluent in several and having in sung in Shona, Chewa, Ndebele and Swahili, among others. His younger brother, Naison backed him and together they performed as Marxist Brothers because of the then prevailing political ideology which had also shaped Simon’s war experiences. He later formed the musical group The Orchestra Dendera Kings and launched a successful solo career. Simon was married to Angela who passed on the 24th of August Chimbetu is also noted for his critical lyrics such as in the songs “Southern Africa”, “Kuipa Chete” and “Simba Nederere”, among many others. The last album Simon worked on “10 Million Pounds Reward” was released in Retrieved 30 May

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Although he pleaded his innocence, he was found guilty and incarcerated at Khami Prison in Bulawayo. Chimbetu’s cimbetu are distinguished by this deep, booming bass guitar.

As the economic situation cbimbetu Zimbabwe worsened with the controversial land reform programmemusicians who were seen to side with the land reform and general Simon chimbetu policies became unpopular. He is the father of Dendera Music artist Sulumani Chimbetu. His younger brother, Naison backed him and together they performed as Marxist Brothers simon chimbetu of the then prevailing political ideology which chimhetu also shaped Simon’s war experiences.

Was this page useful? He is famous for penning and singing such songs as “Samatenga”, “One Way”, “Dzandipedza Mafuta” and many others. Simon was born on 23 September [2] Simon chimbetu father, Benson Chimbetu was a bricklayer who moved around taking on construction jobs on houses around the country.


Out Of the two brothers, Chimbetu had the greater success.

Simon Chimbetu on Spotify

His passion for music did not wane. Chimbetu was of Chewa origin, although born and raised in Zimbabwe; when declared a provincial hero, his actual burial simon chimbetu kept a secret chmbetu line with his religious burial traditions. Chimbetu worked for a tobacco processing company for many years simon chimbetu the attainment of Zimbabwe’s internationally recognised independence in The last album Simon worked on “10 Simno Pounds Reward” was released in He has managed to take over from Simon as well as he is a Simon lookalike which has popular musician Alick Macheso to mimick on stage that Sulu anenge Chopper literally translated as Sulu is like Chopper Simon’s common alias.

At the peak of his popularity, he spent four years in jail and thereafter, rumours hit in that he hadn’t paid his own farm workers for months. Today’s Top Pindula News T His eldest son being Collin “Kodza” Chimbetu who ventured into farming. The song “Saina”, off Pachipamwesimon chimbetu favourite of many at weddings and social gatherings.

SingingRhythm guitar.

Simon chimbetu music

Simon’s solo career was launched with the release of the sjmon “Nguva Yakaoma” in After recording several albums together, the two split simon chimbetu with Simon forming his own band, The Orchestra Dendera Kings while Naison formed his Gee Great 7 Commandos. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.


The song “Kuipa Chete”, for example, is about black Zimbabweans being abused and exploited economically by white commercial farmers. Singersongwritermusicianarrangerbandleader. In “Zuva Raenda”, the sun is setting Chimbetu laments the delays in redistributing the land from white to black Zimbabweans.

His simon chimbetu origins were of the Samanyika tribe in Manicaland Provincethe eastern region of Zimbabwe, bordering with Mozambique.

Simon launched his career in the late s with his brother Naison.

His father was a bricklayer and Simon regularly accompanied his father on his business errands. He was released in and immediately shot to the top with Pachipamwe Welcome Back. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Simon Chimbetu 23 September — 14 August was a Zimbabwean guitarist, vocalist and composer. Chimbetu realised greater success when he went solo, recording classics like “Kuipa Simon chimbetu, “Ngoma Yanditora Moyo”, “Mwana Wedangwe”, “Southern Africa” and many others. Chimbetu died on 14 Augustfollowing injuries sustained in a car accident.

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Curiously, at the time of his death, his simon chimbetu appeared to be on the mend with the release of 10 Million Pounds Reward. Towards the end of the s, Chimbetu recorded many hits and grew to be force to reckon with on the scene. Retrieved from ” https: