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They look for pleasure to indulge it in. If you have only the fulfillment of faith, then when lecture time comes you may be off in the park or at a coffee house and miss the lecture entirely. You already understand what they lecture. He is busy for the sake of himself to the exclusion of all else. It is because we are searching for true principle. Because we know that everything in the world is false, and we want to find the truth within falsity. Therefore you must find a host who can speak the dharma.

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Your ears discharge wax, which is also unclean. All sutras spoken by the Buddha begin with the six fulfillments: The fulfillment of time. You must also have a host to speak the dharma.

Decorating the body is just like decorating a toilet with beautiful material.

Shurangama Mantra Audio

But now we have found the time shurangama mantra audio assemble and investigate the sutra. We could go there for lectures. There are four kinds of self: Usually, you are either going to school or going to work and have no time to come and listen to sutra lectures.


It is because we are searching for true principle. If people with scattered minds enter stupas or temples, and say but once, “Namo Buddha,” they have realized the Buddha Way.

Shurangama Mantra Recitation

The English text, Chinese text, and Chinese audio files have been published available on bttsonline. The Buddha is the true self.

There must be an appropriate time.

It is from the false self that you can arrive at the true self, for only if you recognize the false can you find the true. If people want his help, he will give it to them, regardless of the circumstances.

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Therefore you must find a host who can speak the dharma. A Note regarding the audio files on the Shurangama Sutra with Commentary: No English audio file at this time. Nonetheless, the ordinary person is shurangama mantra audio to his body and takes it as himself. He can’t see them. It is not something that Ananda as an individual put together and made. No matter how elegant the toilet turns out, it is still a place to deposit filthy things.


It is the mind that heard. What is there to love about your body?

What hears is the nature, which is eternally present. Those with the fulfillment of faith still must come to listen to what is said. Thus I have heard. No matter how good the food, it still turns into excrement.

It was for this reason that you pulled me out of the grave. Ordinary people do shurangama mantra audio understand this principle. If, for instance, you want to listen shurangama mantra audio sutras, you must find someone to lecture them for you.

You may say it is false, but I think it is true. The Shurangama Sutra with Commentary. We are making available English audio files currently, only 1 file on Chapter 1 on a provisional basis, until an official version is published.

Now it has come to America, where it has been translated into English. Such is its great importance.