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How to write a great review. Eden did not deserve a HEA and I had no interest in reading about her finding love and redemption. Ugly and repulsive defines this series. In the end, I simply needed more. She did it all by herself. Even Cade in his grief fantasing that Eden was his beloved Ever I could buy it, but he knew damn well it wasn’t.

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Therefore, every book I read is carefully chosen. Get it free with day trial.

But I need to see fallout and consequences. Cade, take care of her.

Meanwhile back in crazy town, Cade is pushing Ever away emotional and physically as she recovers. If I could make sure that every single book I ever read was 5 stars and above, I wlder Do I believe in forgiveness. La Vita Sexy Omnibus. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Honestly, Ever just became of caricature of herself.

Saving Forever | Author Jasinda Wilder

saving forever jasinda wilder Do you still desire her? Love her, the way she deserves. And oh look, Eden got herself a gorgeous new man and Cade feeling guilty, and Eden feeling conflicted but so horny because Carter is just too fordver and so on and so forth.


The characters simply didn’t grow in my opinion. Keep an eye out for a big surprise coming next month. So imagine my surprise when page after page was all about Cade feeling guilty, Eden feeling guilty, Cade feeling guilty again.

Saving Forever (Ever Trilogy Book 3) by Jasinda Wilder

This book was a wasted opportunity to tell a longer more readable ending, maybe Ever could have gone her own way for a while we could have got to see haw she coped being independent of her sister and Caden, see haw Caden coped being a single father haw he worked forevre get Ever back, a rushed ending this story could have gone a little farther. The emotion, the guilt, the forgiveness, the choices they make. Cade, take care of her. The guilt saving forever jasinda wilder feels is waying down on him.

Item s unavailable for purchase. How can someone tells her sister’s husband that she loves hi I am at loss for words, can not really describe how i feel. She claims she can’t live without Caden.

Saving Forever

Jul 02, Rejane marked it as nope Shelves: Well that’s a feel good book if I’ve ever read one, puke. I love it and it’s great story with full of meaning,lesson and love I can appreciate Caden’s suffering on many different levels BUT Saving forever jasinda wilder got what I wanted!


This story’s resolution was just too easy. And Ever know that some!!!!!!! Do the girls make wlider with there dad?

Well the author got my emotions going, I’ll saving forever jasinda wilder her that. Remember we read the gory details in book 2 Meanwhile Cade is now living in a constant state of woe as he is worried that Ever will find out he and Eden performed the Horizontal Tango whilst she was in a Coma. Let’s just say, for the sake of argument that in romance, cheating is an obstacle that needs to be conquered by the main characters.

Ever was made into this saintly character that had an unbelievable forgiving ability. They both ended in the right way for me.