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If the game don’t start, it’s because you don’t have the new cIOS. Found an ISO that can be used for modchips. Fai un salto al Wii Sports Resort, la soleggiata isola dove divertimento e competizione coincidono e dove comanderai tutta l’azione atletica con un controller rivoluzionario! Also has a very detailed PDf which goes step by step through the process.. No twilight hack or homebrew channel needed, plus it has the potential to unbrick a Wii. At home, where are you? One small thing though try changing the usb plug around first in the Wii.


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But now I have a new problem – The loader sees the game – can try to boot it but the wii itself has an issue – saying that I need to “Eject the disc and reboot rzhp01.dol system” – im guessing it is because of the dead drive board in the wii.

Can I suggest another option.

Wii sports resort does not load tho. Time to get a new board me thinks: Oh for me, it was quicker rztp01d.ol load, but will have to time.

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Is this the HD disc going to sleep??? Another question for all you Wii gurus out there: I’m not an expert but I’ll give it a go Thanks for that, as soon as I read that I remembered someone had already told me that: Sounds pretty damned amazing.



Cheers Jacob Ive had no difference in load times but thats just me. Banerne er helt nye sammenlignet med dem i Wii Sports.

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My WD Elements essentials? Cheers, Chris PM sent: The intention here should be obvious Found out i NEED a working dvd board for this to work on dztp01.dol – just my luck!


Found a tutorial on adding a Internal hard-drive to a wii: If you’re loading from device other than an HDD – remove the following line from the config file: I’ll cry if Silent Hill reboots my Wii after I give it the alt.

I got rztp01d.ol homebrew channel up n fine have installed all the required wad files etc.

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Here’s all you should need: Either that or if there is anyone in Melb who has done the AND has a lappy, do you want to get together for a coffee and do some swapping? In the newest loaders there is an option to use alt. Bastard, wish mine worked, bloody pos it is Brodieman if your using the 1.


I have a 50GB fat32 partition on mine so I can watch movies and store music and roms on there too. Will create my own when I find time. Update, found some guides, hmmm not sure if worth the hassle.


I may have taken advantage of the offer. Might be a simple solution: Only way to get out of it is to turn the power off at the wall of pull the plug out.

This setting then can be saved on a game by game basis, so you dont have to do it every time you want rzp01.dol play. Ive tried to do the HD hack but it aint working.


Rzttp01.dol you pm me you details. One thing to remember if you do it this way you wont be able to copy games directly via your wii.