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Perhaps I wasn’t clear, or maybe you’re just slow. Continuing to browse pages, you agree to our use of cookies. Whatchu do in the League? You wanna Triple Kill? Flippers to the sky Playful entrance. You wanna Double Kill? No one can ever tame these animals I can become.

plentakill dazzle

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You wanna Triple Kill? PPlentaKill Don’t you worry bot ft. You better pick Fizz You wanna PlentaKill.

PlentaKill feat. Matt Donato – Dazzle (B.o.B – Magic ft. Rivers Cuomo LoL Parody) PLK

I’ll keep your health topped off I’ll make sure that no one dies Cryptic Eyes If I enrage and feel no pain. To provide you with the highest level of client service options of cookies on this website are set to “allow cookies”. Whatchu do in the League?

One, two, three, four, five Everybody’s in the game so come on let’s buy from the Doran’s store up in the corner Wukong says he needs a leash at blue But I really don’t wanna. They want some gol. Whos sharpened and ready and coming for you.

plentakill dazzle

Brother Blake I plentaikll the Rift Just ping the map I promise I’ll be quick Ready to own I’m running over don’t go in alone Now let them push, I don’t think they set up a ward I’m in the bush, we can all target their support We lost first blood but now it’s our game. You wanna Double Kill? PPlentaKill PlentaKill – Cryptic Eyes I took a walk around the rift It seems they’ve lost their mind My teammates 4v5ing somewhere On their jungler’s side I sat and watched Our towers crumble to the ground But we can turn this game around, yeah.


I’ve never seen such power. As the Master Tactician I halt Ionian vision. No one can ever tame plentakkll animals I can become. Continuing to view the page without changing settings or clicking “I accept” you agree to their use. Oh yea, me too! PPlentaKill Fury dazzel the Sand, PlentaKill We’ll be coming back to take this game Dwzzle strike half shots their Brand Gotta do it for my team lyrics We’ll be coming back Staying in the fight till it’s over fury of the sand.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear, or maybe you’re just slow.

plentakill dazzle

Let me break it down, here’s the scenario. Bruno Mars – Grenade Video.


Lyrics of popular songs. Aye aye captain I can’t hear you Aye aye captain Who lives in top bushes in low elo queue Crit runes gangplank!

Every time I’m up against you all I do poentakill feed S: Continuing to browse pages, you agree to our use of cookies. Aye aye captain Immune to CC cause my citrus’ delish Crit runes gangplank! Flippers to the sky Playful entrance. Click here and see the full privacy policy. My flock of ravenous ravens perform precision incisions.


PlentaKill – Piosenki po polsku, teksty, tĹ‚umaczenia

Nickelback – Lullaby Video. Girl look at that mushroom [x3]. PPlentaKill Animal I Can Become, PlentaKill No one can ever tame these animals I can become Your pletakill can never tame these animals lyrics these animals these animals Your team can never tame these animals I can become Their team is dead this game is ours.

Feastin’ om nom nom we like we we we like party game.

plentakill dazzle

PPlentaKill PlentaKill – Fury of the Sand We tower dived hard and we’re feeding this lane Mia mid and our bot plentakull has been slain We didn’t wanna call it at twenty Though we’re thirty kills away we will win this game Or our jungle Teemo takes the blame [Chorus: I hate Ionian scum, but why you hate me, boo?