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Section Privacy Item Browsing Enabling this option will allow users to browse certain sections that allow privacy settings. Default Time Zone Select the default time zone for guests and new users. Minimum Display Define how many tags must be added before they can be displayed to the public. Multi-step Registration Form Enabling this option will turn the registration process into multiple steps and using as few fields as we can on the first step to entice users to register. This will use AJAX and the value of this setting has to be a number in seconds. A theme may not have all the html.

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Cross-site scripting phpFox | – Your Information Security Source

Show Empty Tabs When this setting is enabled the script will show tabs for empty items in phfpox, phpfox 3.3 example if a user has not yet phpfox 3.3 a blog and this setting is enabled, the tab “Blogs” will still show in profiles. Logout After Changing Email If users must verify their email address Verify Email At Signupwhen they change their email address should they be logged out so they need to verify right away?

This is to assist with duplicate content. For a ppfox understanding on how to modify this setting and what the string values stand for you can follow up on the PHP date function here. External Links Warning Warn users when they have clicked on a link that will direct them to another site. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

If you want this feature to be disabled set it to the phpfox 3.3 zero 0. The site will not assign a new password to that user and the previous password will work until it has been reset. Keyword String Removal Define words here that should not show up phpfox 3.3 meta keywords. Use the default Male and Female genders we provide as examples. Can use either email or user name. PM Hash Check If enabled this will check if the last X messages sent in the last Y minutes are identical to the message being set.


This feature requires a lot of extra server resources in order to pphfox such a search. Refresh Friend Suggestions Define how long to wait till we run the search to find friends to suggest to a member in minutes. Verify Email At Signup When a guest signs up, should they verify their email address?

Email Queue Enable this to use Queue for sending email.

Re-enter password on sign up Enable this option to require user re-enter password on the sign up process. Meta Keywords Enter the meta keywords for all pages. Session IP Octet Length Check Select the subnet mask which reflects the level of checking you wish to run against IP addresses when a phpfox 3.3 pypfox being fetched.

AddThis – Inline Share Button In case you have phpfox 3.3 customized your tools with inline rule, you can put the code here.

Enable Tags Enable this option if you wish to allow tags on the site to create topics for phpfoox item being added. Post as a guest Name. Meta Description Enter the meta description for all pages.

Show inbox, sentbox and deletebox item count If enabled will display the mail count totals in each folder, i. It is used to create statistics for the site to build daily averages. Attempts Count” to better protect your site from brute force login attempts. Require basic field If you select yes, these fields will require when edit profile: Force Users to Reenter Email Enable this option to add a new input field where users would have to reenter their email during the registration process to assure they are entering the correct email.


This setting is directly dependent on Auto Delete Old Mail. PM Messages to Check If the setting phpfox 3.3 check if PM’s are identical you can see here how many messages in the past phpfox 3.3 be checked.

PHP Method Phpfox::isMobile Code Examples

Thread Display If set to Yes comments will be displayed in a phfpox format allowing users to reply to specific comments instead of the phpfox 3.3 item they are commenting on. Auto Delete Old Mail This setting enables or disables the auto deletion of old messages. Zip Path Full path to where the binary for zip is located.

Each search result is cached for X minutes where you can control X. When this is done they will no longer appear to be online when other members view their profile.