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Sorry for the late reply, but I’ll try to be as objective here as I can possibly be my personal pet-peeves aside. Simply you say – FFs it is extremely annoying to hunt all over my computer for something that is not there. Not sure if this is every coaster but on the wooden coaster there is no transition from a steep hill to a gentle Hill and vice versa. Seems a bit more clunky than it needs to be. While the coaster editor is the best I’ve seen in a game like this there are two changes that would make it even better.

parkitect pre alpha 5

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Retrieved from ” https: The building could be expensive so that your park has to get enough money first before integrating this pe for your staff maybe combine that with the special staff area parts and routes. This message was created by a bot. Or upload it somewhere so I can check.

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One more degree of steepness between the current steepest angle and vertical and the ability ;re make turns alha would be amazing. If you want I can show you on video what it looks like, and thanks for being so involved! You can open it from the Go To menu in Finder when holding the Alt key not sure what it’s called on a mac keyboard – option? I have plenty of benches, but even if I try to place the tired workers next to a bench they just walk away and continue to not work.

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In Example, when you have a big park the ways are pretty long for inspections and stuff, maybe it could be possible to have a special building for the staff, not the one for resting, where they could walk in and parkitecf a cart to reach destinations faster. However, in my game, there are no roller coasters or transport rides.


parkitect pre alpha 5

Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. If yes please send it to themeparkitect gmail. For as early of an alpha thanks.

If you don’t have a Humble account you can enter your email here to get a link: I’ll have to think about it some more and see some more reactions to how it works right now.

Things are working fine for me, but the wife is having issues with mods not being loaded at all despite reinstalls of the mods, PNnexus client and the game client. GeForce GTX We had scenery objects that can be build off-grid or alternatively snapped to a grid while holding the Alt key f or a while. The building could be expensive so that your park has to get enough money first before integrating this system for your staff maybe combine that with the special staff area parts and routes Sadly I forgot the name of the user yesterday who mentioned that idea but I thought it’s worth a suggestion for the game: Always very constructive feedback over there.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. A new Pre-Alpha version usually releases around the end of every month. I love GitHub but I don’t think you should use their Issue tracker for a commercial product for free. The vertical drop coaster is modeled after the Gerstlauer Eurofighter coaster which uses these individual cars.


I found the file and am emailing it to you right now. Pr, this is usually caused by running the game from program files.

Parkitect Feedback / Bug Report Thread – January / Pre-Alpha 6a : ThemeParkitect

We had another fun art stream and Garret worked on some mixed stuff this time, including these nice Mine Carts that are alternate cars for the Wild Mouse coaster:. I’ve found the eye dropper tool a little confusing. Which is sad, because the game is so much fun. I can’t set the prices manually to something like “0,5” “1,5” or “2,5”. To rename, select the zone from the list and click the little pencil icon in the top right of the window to rename it.

First I thought it might come from a lot of mods, while it seems they make it worse, they are not the initial problem, because it also happens without any mods.

I really feel like I shouldn’t reward your abrasive comment but I’m going parkirect assume you just had a rough day.

I don’t know it this is a bug but it’d be great if it would recognize every colored element I click on like grass, paths, specific colors from a multicolored custom scenery piece etc. Got both fixed for next version.

parkitect pre alpha 5

It’s likely we’re gonna see a lot of repeat bugs and ideas, but that’s ok! Many of my workers are constantly tired and won’t work.