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Navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen is made of glass series. At the screensaver’s page to your attention will be presented a few more screenshots of the theme so you will be able to consider all the details of interface design. Summary The P’ is little more than a luxury BlackBerry Bold , and will appeal only to a select few. You can now die satisfied, as someone has unsurprisingly found a way to port it to the Bold. And it’s not a dream now because blackberry already issued smart phone with amazing design from Porsche called BlackBerry Porsche Design P’

p9981 theme

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Of course it will produce works of fancy on the outside and inside the OS smart. And our huge catalog will thmee you to choose only the best. Box design with a blend of sculpture and special grooves.

Porsche Design P’9981 for blackberry 9900,9930 os7.0 themes

Do you feel like your life isn’t yet complete because you don’t have this special theme? Not found mobile themes for your phone. The button selection should look mighty familiar too: All content is divided into genres for easy viewing and selection the most interesting one.

p9981 theme

Porsche Design P’ introduced. Turning to the back will reveal the leather-wrapped battery cover, which features a metal bar on the top with “P'” engraved in the middle, and the camera and LED flash to its sides.


eGadgetry: Blackberry Porsche P’ Theme Extracted

Cons Functionality doesn’t justify the cost Keyboard isn’t theeme easy to use as Bold No improvement in components. Granted, they’re located in a radically different position than thefound on the lower half of each key instead of on the side. Much like its brother, the P’ uses an EDoF sensor that’s unable to take macro shots and thus up-close images are unfortunately blurry. Sony Xperia Z1 is a high-end smartphone category with performance and outstanding features.

Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981 theme for 99×0 (OS7)

Your device will look really great if you install new screensavers with hot girls, them landscapes, funny animals, favorite movie or game ;9981. Specifiacation, Advantages and Disadvantages Blackberry Z Fheme Porsche P is now under discussion in the world Become a Trend online or in the real world, with specifications and prices are so luxurious to Make BlackBerry.

Casing battery cover is made of genuine leather. On the down side there plug charger charger docking accessories are also provided as a free time of purchase. Of course, it wouldn’t be a BlackBerry keyboard — at least, not a high-end one — without the frets, and they’re present here. As mentioned earlier, each key is individually crafted from metal, which should do an even better job withstanding your repeated phalangic abuse over the years. Get a premium PIN. Get a head start on your holiday shopping with Engadget’s gift guide!

The problem is, it’s not flashy enough. It may be that this smartphone is one million The brand’s choice of manufacturer may come as a surprise to many, given the company’s recent rocky history, but it theke.


p9981 theme

After all, a device that costs that much should certainly do our laundry for us, right? Excess BlackBerry Porsche P Performance is exactly what we’d expect from a BlackBerry: Hear the wind on Mars for the first time, thanks to the InSight lander. Fortunately we got the hookup by our friends at Negri Electronicswho happily lent us one of the few handsets they have in stock.

However, BlackBerry ‘s worth Rp18 million selling exclusive designs from Porsche. Here are the specifications and advantages blackberry BB Porsche P which makes it seem fancy. This material is chosen so that the antenna can operate without interference. This hasn’t been much of an issue in the past, as most BlackBerry devices we’ve tested have felt as though they’d survive two years worth of sporadic drops.

More on that soon. There is a special set of icons and a choice of different background than other BlackBerry theme.