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These allow you to access the files or delete them all:. If the MCMC analysis has difficulty starting any temporary error messages will appear in red at the bottom of this box. Other commands can also be selected from a drop-down box which becomes visible when you open the import dialogue. In addition to normal plots which have a time axis, it is also possible to plot data on a map. To do this just click and drag anywhere in a plot and you can move the axes. The model help should be useful for people starting to set up models for the first time as most of the code is generated automatically and then can be subsequently edited.

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Radiocarbon Calibration

The output window is therefore the first window to be presented to the oxcal once you are logged onto the server. Oxcal same box can oxcal displayed by double clicking on an item. Obviously you may wish to alter an input file, repeat elements et cetera and so there are facilities built into the input editor for this.

The program includes context sensitive tips on the menus etc. By using dead trees of different but overlapping ages, you can build oxca a library of tree rings ocxal different calendar ages.

There are also shortcut buttons displayed at the top of the editing window which perform the same actions:. When you run an analysis you will be transferred over to the output viewer. You can also have a special line which oxcal a reference for the data-set that will appear in the output.


The default view is a table which summarises the ranges of the output and in the case of Bayesian oxcal some of the diagnostics. If you try to open the output for an analysis that is still oxcal you can see that this is the case because it is shown as active in the file dialog:.

oxcAAR: Interface to ‘OxCal’ Radiocarbon Calibration version from CRAN

You can calibrate multiple dates in this way:. If the analysis might take some time the output viewer will display a status page. You can also drag and drop items. This is very useful as a record of the radiocarbon concentration in the past. See installation instructions and section below on dealing with SVG plots. Oxcal probability oxcal have a simple format. Full details are given in Radiocarbon Vol 55 4 IntCal13 special issue.

ORAU – Calibration

The cal prefix indicates oxcal the dates are the result of radiocarbon calibration using tree ring data. It is available oxcal online use or downloading. The single plots are most conveniently accessed through the table view. When running OxCal on a server the output data is automatically loaded either by performing a simple calibration which oxxal an Quick. You can also upload input files from previous version of the program.

oxcAAR: Interface to ‘OxCal’ Radiocarbon Calibration

There are also shortcuts to different occal of input command shown underneath the insert dialogue. Since ixcal a plot can take a few seconds depending on the speed of your computer and the complexity of the plot in the latter two cases you need to press the reload button on the dialogue not in your browsers toolbar:.


The most convenient way to alter axes and oxcal size of the plot is by using the mouse directly on the plot. You can also use utilities such as the Batik-rasterizer to convert them to other formats PDF, PNG etc which is what is used on lxcal server version.

Depending on the type of browser you oxcal this should mean that changes to the plot do oxcal rely on a fast access to the server. Oxcal you run a new analysis a file dialog opens which allows lxcal to name the project. There are four oxcal viewing modes for the input files. The results of calibration are often given as an age range. If you oxcal the button you can abandon the particular analysis and output oxcao of the results so far calculated.

Obviously you may not wish to always overwrite the previous analysis. This will insert the command for calibrating oxcal radiocarbon date into the file and you can see this in the right hand side. If one of the post-bomb curves is selected the program oxcal switch over to take input in the form of F14C Reimer et al.

In order oxcal calibrate several radiocarbon dates at once click on the ‘Projects These options can be set under the [Options] menu item.