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I always thought we were the same people — muslims converted to Islam to kiss Turkish asses and get tax benefits the same way Irish people converted to become protestant. In holy quran God spoke of Jesus the messiah and his mother. Your argumentation reminds of the Croatian nationalists speaking of the non-Croat Krajina population, who in their opinion are descendents of Romanians orthodox brought there by the Ottomans. Oteto Kosovo December 25, By denaying that fundamental right to the Serbs in Croatia to stay in Yugoslavia , separatist Croats broke the Yougoslav Constitution and started the civil war against pro Yougoslav unionist Serbs. Have you actually been to Serbia — or is your information coming from CNN?

oteto kosovo

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Thanks for that, I needed that today: Yes we all descended from Mother Russia. Andrei, I hope you are right because at oteti moment the USA through their marionettes the Zaev government are trying to take a stronghold of Macedonia which I believe will lead to her non-existence. Genetics have shown with all the caution applying to a probalistic science that humanity can be traced back to a few thousand individuals.

Croats are nazis for me. You ll never be as strong or independent as your future well being would require of you, and all that while in eternal struggle against us, which you cannot possibly win outside of Reich or the Empire winning it for you, which looks like wont be the case.

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See if it holds water or is just more crap. I have lived in Canada since and saw the events from this side. Brilliant Brilliant Brillaint ….


The dialect is the same. Why pussyfoot here, go ask that of the Jews in Palestine. There are transcripts and video of Tudjman and Croatian military discussing and planing ethnic cleansing of Serbs. The Fragmentation of Yugoslavia: They would do anything oyeto be Germans — like some kinds of slaves dreaming of becoming their former owners.

oteto kosovo

Karadjic agrees and says he would do his best. His whole community along the Neretva livno, Duvno Ljubuski were Catholics and every one of these communities has koeovo locations of old Orthodox churches, Tverdos a beautiful monastery north of Dubrovnik changed hands several times.

Kosovo will be liberated (UPDATED)

Because he did it — he was there working koxovo CIA and doing that very criminality while we Yugoslavians believed everythign these psychopaths pteto telling us — because we did not understand how psychopaths work — they are charming and pretend they are your best friends while turning everyone against you behind your back. We check to make sure that no comment is mistakenly marked as spam.

After WWII the Serbs were taught to forget everything bad happened to them in the past, otteo look in the future, to love they former butchers and live with them, to ignore and forget Orthodox church. He was a minister of defense of Poland. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 Februarybut Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory.

Stolen Kosovo – Oteto Kosovo

For those who want an in-depth background to what and how things went in Kosovo, here is quite possibly the best document on the subject. We became good friends are still in touch His wife and 3 sons over years used to eamil me from Serbia — they told me how much they loved going to Belgrade from Celje where they lived. I lived in Slovenia for 13 months did my national service there — I learned to speak Slovenian, met nice girls there, was warmly welcomed everywhere I went.


Or take a look at the Turks: Oh, boy, we already have our Albanians and Croats whining about me not knowing what I am talking otego, being a foreigner or me not being neutral.

Oteto Kosovo

And in my view, Albanians, Bosnian Muslims, Croats, Macedonians, and even Slovenes were fooled the most, and will suffer for it more than we did in the end. If you were Serbian, would you want Croats as your neighbors? First and foremost, this was a case of monumental, mind blowing, kksovo, betrayal and cowardice. Can we trace back years whose descendants would be the heirs of whose property then?

Serbia threatens to invade Kosovo, stirring bad memories. All are victims of this wider war with many causes at its root….

oteto kosovo

Milosevic was certain that Serbia would retake Kosovo and Metohija. What remained were local population with minimum officer support from Serbia. So why do they hate Russia.

oteto kosovo

They look weak and pathetic today, but they are fundamentally the same as s Germans.